Pocket gems is a fraud


My team has tons of diversity on it, and nobody was panned. :man_shrugging:


Up next on the banning block… The author of this post


We can hope.


Sorry can I get a TLDR?


Millenial was triggered


I didn’t read it all, but the part I did I basically got this out of it. The author is a racist because all they can see is the ethnicity of various groups banned.


Jesus Christ, at least give me paragraphs!


The only people discriminated against were cheaters; cheaters are not a race or ethnicity.

Don’t go away angry, just go away.


We went to English class to get the grades, but also to learn how to write properly. Please, I beg you, paragraphs. Don’t write a boring wall but Rather cover what you had to say in an organised format. If you can’t shorten it down, make it engaging, make it interesting, make us want to read what you’re writing.

Sorry but I quit after the first three lines so I can’t write a response to the topic in question.


Things I got out of The Wall:
“Get Outlook for Android.”


Anyway here’s a pic of me cuddling my Leos :hugs:


Haha I didn’t even notice that much. Read the caps and the “I’ve played for 3 years” then quit. Just from the intro I realised it wasn’t worth my time :joy:


This post is like the sapphire wall…slows down all progress


I’m done cuddling with my Leos and finnaly read the post. Bottom line is if they used the cheat or tried exploiting the game then it’s their fault and they should be ban. There is no other reason than that, just pointing out the race of the banned people will not make this any better as it definitely was not a criteria for banning. People like you are the reason why we have wars in real life. Aegmon out :walking_man:t2:


Bottom line is “Thanks and have a great day”






Lol stopped reading after the first line and decided to scroll down and read the comments XD


That would be curious if it was true.

Wait, who makes unilateral company policies? Just because you see me come in and discuss company policy doesn’t mean I’m at home sipping a coffee and making stuff up.

We have no way of telling the ethnicity of an account-holder.

Is that true? Is there data on that? We don’t check the ethnicity of teams, so I have no idea how that’d be a thing.

Sounds like you should report the chats.

Who prohibited the use of Spanish?

That’d be another interesting coincidence if it was true. You should talk to some of the banned players who are saying that we’re racist against Arabic nations, or the people saying we’re racist against Russians for the bans. I think if you all get together you can settle on something; or you can figure out that the bans are agnostic of your personal information and are strictly based on how much you or your friends cheated.

I don’t control any islands either in-game our out of game.

The bans were about cheating, not talking trash.

So far all of your facts have been incorrect, so I’d love to see this proof.

They probably shouldn’t have cheated. It’s the best way to avoid a ban.

You know the personal account of every admin? Do tell.

Someone we employed in PX for a long time resolved a bunch of tickets? Must be the Illuminati.

Which teams are these again?

So, you know the demographic information of every account banned? Can you show your work?

So you’re saying that it wasn’t racist but it’s unfair that you and a bunch of people you know where banned for cheating? Maybe don’t cheat.

Wait, are you going to explain how you cheated?

Yep, yep, you just admitted to cheating. Solid plan.

Okay honestly I skimmed the rest. You’re claiming we’re racist for banning you and your pals. Got it. The problem is that we have no idea of the personal identifying information of players. We don’t capture that. Personally, I’d loooooooove if we captured stuff like that because I’m a data nerd.

You’re also right that the bans didn’t affect all players equally. They disproportionately affected cheaters. That is the one demographic we were able to target with 99%+ accuracy.

See this ppl sending in telegram
See this ppl sending in telegram