Pocket Gems Support - still rockstars!

As a software product manager I work with MSPs (“managed service providers” to provide level 1-3 support) on a variety of software platforms.

My guys are pretty good but they are not as good as the PG support crew.

Quite a few examples I could list but one from today I had an issue and Jay from support responded in 20 minutes and had it all sorted.

Even my Tier 1 applications dont get sorted in 20 minutes. Tier 1 has a variety of criteria such as business critical $1 billion pnl impact or impacts 100+ users or has SoX, governance or other compliance risk- and the SLA for Tier 1 ( service level agreement ) is 24 hours.

Tier 3 is 7 days.

My request wasnt super critical or urgent and it was done in 20 minutes. Thats impressive.

Lots of heat on the PG support team but take it from me as someone that interacts with support daily that PGs system is very good. Show me any other game where you even get a same day response.

I would go as far as to say that the PG support team are industry leading and ahead of their peers by a long way.


I don’t know, I put in a ticket Friday morning and have yet to get a response. So at this point I would maybe say broken down old rock stars in rehab.


So one disclaimer and I’m not sure if you have an android phone but is you have to click on a system message and the help button.

Doing the old school web form thing seems to take a few days.

Droid also doesnt tell you when you have a response so you gotta click on tickets to see if there is an update. ( im sure my ipad has a red dot )

But yeah Friday was a long ago honestly dont think I have waited more than a day ever from the in game help. ( web form is a few days I think )

Maybe its alphabetical service and D gets sorted before W :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m on iPhone, but I usually just check my email as the responses show up there as well. Personally I’ve never had to wait long for a response but I gave them a break because of the other issues they had on Friday with the glory event situation. Then I thought, well it’s the weekend, but I’ve had quick responses on weekends before. Now I’m like🤷‍♂️

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When I saw the title of this post I thought u where being sarcastic lol.


What was the original request?

Oh, and Tacticool typically responds in an hour or two :man_shrugging:t2:

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Support has usually been very responsive for me. I don’t recall an issue that took them over a day to respond. There might have been one that I don’t remember but for the most part they always respond fairly quickly.


I sent support a picture of my cats as a thank you and they immediately closed the ticket :joy::joy: Didn’t even compliment them or anything.


Ok, back to Rock Star status. Walked my dogs and when I came back my issue was resolved.

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Almost a week still no response

I have a 4 day old and a 17 day old tickets which have been unanswered.

I always wondered if there was some priority based on the $ spend of players or is it that you just get unlucky and get assigned to someone who is not responsive at all …

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I’ve had Jay help me a couple of times and he’s amazing. Best help I’ve ever received

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Pg are shitholes for support they have kept me thinking they would restore my account after my iPad crapped out losing my account info. They claim for “security” they must have my exact date of creation on my account else they simply refuse to.verify me as original owner even though. Provided receipts where I paid on the account ! Hahaha they will not get any more money from me for elite or packs or any other thing :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Very unlikely in my opinion. I spend zero money for years, and never have truly had… except very first few months of elites back in 2017. That’s it. Yet I always get responses (or even credits already) within 15-30 minutes after requests if it’s something simple and quickly fixable (like crediting 3 sigils back, or exchanging dragon shards, or checking my rankings in assault if I see them not updating, or fixing atlas quests and so on) and within couple of hours if it’s something more serious like my game crashing or freezing or bugging out real bad. It was taking much longer back in like 2018 tbh.

Jo, Jay and Jeff (3J? wow) are few of the oldest members of support I think, and they’re helping me out all the time througout the years! Although there are newer people I might have seen once but who were super helpful and quick too.


I had an account tied to a work email when i retired that email was deleted. I contacted PG about getting my account back and after it took them about 16 hours to respond they were very helpful and quick in tracking my account down and getting me access to it. I contacted them just as a new season was being released so that probably had something to do with initial response time.

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But isn´t it reasonable to ask for more than purchase data? If someone accesses your account, makes 5 purchases and goes to support with these receipts, they would have to acknowledge them as the owner if they are not asking any other questions, right?

You can see when you purchased/downloaded an app for the 1st time in your app purchases unless you not only switched the device, but also the Apple account, btw.

They sometimes asks for purchase logs of certain date to confirm identity, so… :man_shrugging:t2:

Waiting here since last sunday on a reply.