Point not counting for my team

NRBRX5JR6J. I made 2 or 3 runs in event and then did a mega hit and got 5000 points using 3 dragons with inner fire attach to all 3… I got chests and credit for my runs but the 5000 plus pts did not count for my team. We are in a PvP and our score has been stuck at 18930 and the other team is half way done. Who know how many of my team made runs that did not count for us. Please remedy this for us. My team is weird friends

When you say your “score”, I assume you mean your team score. The team score only goes up when you finish an enemy (or PvP) island. The mega hit will cause the enemy’s HP to decrease, and give you indivigual points, but your team score won’t go up until the enemy is brought down to Zero HP.

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Atops has it right.

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I’ve noticed that while I get credit for the hp (points) I earn attacking an island, PVE or PVP, they sometimes don’t deduct from the available hp of that island…

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