Points didn't count in event

Been waiting 3 days for a response from support. At the end of the event a resolution is fruitless.


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That ticket was merged into 1149427. Short answer is that you will not be receiving any credit for that ticket.

So,I bought 100 energy, used innner fires, plus some other energy and I get no points and all my stuff is gone? Is that how it works now? Nice “customer” service.

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You really have ZERO customer skills. You treat people like crap yet you think you deserve the utmost respect. Hope that works out well for you in life, Jaren.

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Well, this is what I get for skimming a ticket. I shouldn’t be replying to these things in my off hours. You’re right that you are most likely owed a credit. The ticket was incorrectly merged, and I read the merged ticket info instead of the original ticket.

I sincerely apologize for misreading your ticket and for the curt reply given. I’ll have someone on my team do a full audit of the event attacks in question to see about missing points / prizes.

Once again, I apologize for mishandling the issue.


Still no reply from support. Event is almost over.

For every ticket opened, if no action, will be closed in 4 days. Most probably gone with the wind. Typical style of WD

Use support.wardragons.com - makes it obvious when a ticket was closed.

(Re: FlameDiamond)

No bueno