Points in the Kingdom Wars

Hello Forum. I was going to calculate my personal score for the Kingdom Wars, just trying to remember: Were we getting exactly 144 points after a regular attack from the maximum point-giving bases (is there any additional calculation like in the Gauntlet or the Temple Raid regarding the points) ? Was there any difference when that lands are taken by the opponent team? Like they give 160 instead of 144 etc.

Use this, super useful

Not sure if it has the 1.1x points integrated though (as well as the weird points from black bloods vs teams last time)

Maybe @Zamirathe can answer that question


That spreadsheet still shows 125 as the maximum point for pve bases but i am pretty sure it was 140 or 144 for the Kingdom Wars (okay looks like i am not sure, but it was over 125 for sure :sweat_smile:)


It was in the last version, which is why I said I wasn’t sure if it got updated :smiley: I’ll let Zami weigh in for this one :nerd_face:


Aha, I haven’t touched that sheet at all. I think those are original mech numbers.

If you are considered the underdog, the points go up by 20%. You also get more points attacking a monument but I don’t remember by what percentage. It is still based on the highest base point of 125. As for what it is with the new dragon defenders setup, I do not remember. I’ll look at getting that sheet updated next time it runs.


Last time, black bloods (on normal tiles) gave more points than attacking teams for some odd reason, he may also be referring to that :smiley:

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Is anyone having a problem gaining territory, I’ve been wiping out blackbloods left and right and my score is just fine, but I’m not making any headway on controlled area. I see to have to attack the same bases again and again it’s not registering.

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Same here @PGGalileo

This isn’t really acceptable. 500 energy 20k points on this account 10k on 1 alt and 5k on another alt and we have two tiles. PG I don’t know what pooch you’re having relations with, but I don’t appreciate it


Being discussed here.


I spent 716 :sweat: So because i believed everybody had the same issue didn’t bother myself :sweat_smile:

Please keep event lag issue commentary in the main thread: Kingdom Wars Updates - Official Discussion Thread



As of now everything is glitched… including atlas… we have to force restart to get our gold

About the event by itself… right now it s a major drain. Even more amplified by the 15 minutes delays for the points to count… and we don’t get refunded for the ressources lost conquering a territory that was already conquered. Please think of a beautiful compensation for the ressources drain :sob:

How are the points calculated? What is the 375HP calculated with?? Doesn’t seem to be math. I fly 140 pt but it is never subtracted . So confused. Just tell me it takes 10 flights to take a city or whatever.

I didn’t have any issue in getting personal points, the issue is just about conquering the territories

You’re experiencing the lag being discussed in the other post mentioned above; it’s not a calculation issue.

Closing this thread as Galileo wants the discussion kept on the official discussion thread (which has been linked).