Points not registered

Fortifications point not register!Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!

Same here

Yup upgraded 2 buildings with elemental shards no points
Here we go again

Yep same here…upgraded a flak. No points. :woman_facepalming:

Unfortunately, points being delayed is normal for the early parts of the event. Please give it some time, and they will appear within the next few hours (if not sooner).


Happened the same to me, restarted game and the points where there

this is odd… I have 716k points according to the screen, but I could claim the 720k prize. And the “Points to go” for the next prize is calculated correctly for the 716k points I have… Visual glitch @Arelyna ?

-edit- forget it, points registration delay, all good now, 794k points

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3-5 minutes delay, and all will be fine. You see? Just wait like you do EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. when a minor event starts.

And if you take my advice: don’t even try to claim them in the first 60 minutes, so until the Twitch stream starts. Save yourself the stress.


Here is a variation on this; Team prizes wont drop.

Have 33 players above the 30 player cutoff (300 sigil team prize), all of whom are eligible, but yet the prize wont drop.

Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: It dropped eventually. Evidently it has its own separate delay besides the points registering delay.

Seriously. Wait for the system to catch up.


Is the registering delay due to new back end stuff to catch cheaters? Its only very recently that they started officially embracing a delay. Like the last 3-4 events. Before that points would register immediately and if they did not it was a problem.

Have they added some back end cross checking that takes time or something?

Nope. This is not due to cheater stuff on the back end. This has been an unfortunate issue that pops up with most events.


Thanks, so this must be more of a wisdom to know the difference situation LOL

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Not to be rude, but players like those in this thread are the reason we have that pop-up whenever we open the event…


Not rude just facts. People need to be patient. I’m spending the first half hour doing runs. Who has time to check scores?


The same complains EVERY fort. And probably having support working with nonsenses. Must be a “now” generation thing :joy:

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I normally don’t even try to claim prizes on the first day of the event. I made an exception this time because I could finally pickup Ronin, and wasn’t at all surprised to need a hard restart or two to force syncs and make sure the prize claims and sigil spending registered.


Y’all should be too busy flying to worry about claiming your prizes.

Only issue for me is if I don’t look at my quests, I don’t seem to get credit for them even if I do what they said.

:eyes: I have to spend the first half hour working after sneaking on for the start of the event :cry: It is one of the hardships of being in the same time zone as PG… all the main game events start while I’m at work for some reason…


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