Points won't appear after attacks

Whenever I attack a base during a pvp event I won’t get the points for attacking that base. My energy would still be the same amount. I can’t do anything in a pvp event what should I do? :expressionless::thinking::unamused:

  1. does the team you’re attacking have any points?

  2. if you exit the event and go back in, do you see the updated points?

  1. yea they do have points
  2. no, even when i exit the event i wont have the updated points…and my energy is still there

Did you change team during the treasure hunt phase or attack phase of the event?

i did change teams before the event

This started today, lost points and fires

Same shit, points get added, its just the after atk point display doesnt show.
And energy is crazy, randomly gives you +4 lol.

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Same bro. I feel with you. Got the same problem with this new event. I have 46/16 energy but 0 points. Sence…!

If you changed team during the treasure hunt phase (after the island appeared Wednesday) or when the battle phase officially started you cannot get points in another team or teamlessly. You can only get points in your old team, assuming that your old team hasn’t already had 50 mates earning points in the event.

Maybe you changed team too late…

You have to change befor the event castle appears in the sea. So befor even the treasure hung starts

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