Poking vs Glory swap? Which is better?


I’m trying to find a better way to get glory. I did both. But poking can be dangerous, but could gain a lot of glories if I did it quick. Glory swap needs to find good partners, which is not always easy. So, can someone share the better way here? Thanks.

Depends on your political view

Unless we’re hitting guards, I prefer swapping because it’s faster. Ive got other things that need to be done and getting 2k glory from an attack is just a waste of time to me. It’s fine if you’ve got the free time but mostly it’s just too time consuming to snipe vs the payout. I dont want 80 chests, I want 800


swapping is more consistent, (also what blackfyre said), for those reason id say swapping is better

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Glory swap is the best for time efficiency but sniping is much better for troops cost


Swapping is better in terms of resource usage and benefits gain.
In other thought, sniping makes you better flyer if you willing to improve as you get most opponents bases with defenders


Both options suck. Neither option is fun. But I concur - swapping is more efficient.

I respect your opinion but i disagree with both your points : sniping at your level or higher is a lot of fun and swapping isn’t the most efficient for troops. Therefore, if you don’t have atlas elite, I wouldn’t recommend glory swap


You’re right - sniping is actually more efficient (or can be) as it pertains to glory. But my time and attention span for the game are both very limited these days, so glory swapping is more efficient for me in that regard.

I still don’t enjoy sniping - different strokes for different folks.

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Sniping or attacking an enemy is the best option to earn glory per troop spent. This is because you are hopefully getting 5 flames each attack and not getting killed by the defenders. (Choose better targets, or learn to fly better/faster otherwise)
Attacking enemies may cause those enemies to hit your team so if your team doesn’t have rules/policies, talk to your leader beforehand since it may start fights for your entire team which could have a negative impact on your team’s long term atlas plans.

Glory swaps are an easy way to get a ton of glory in little time but since generally it’s with a friend who also wants glory, you try to balance troops killed and revive rates. So you may only revive 80% instead of 90% of your troops.
Glory swapping has no risk of retaliation since both players agreed to the terms ahead of time and are working for both players’ gain, so it’s safe if your team doesn’t want to deal with the consequences.


Thanks for the information, folks. Very helpful!

Definitely not swapping! Not really much fun in
that :grimacing:

idk… guard swapping’s fast, i guess.

troop swapping’s also okay, but i find it a bit silly as u’re wasting ur troop count and ur friendlies’ instead of killing ur enemies’. -i never swapped troops before i hit 1m mark on my troops, just in case of castle takeovers whether im on a defending side or offending one.

poking is time consuming, but if u’re doing that to ur hit-lists, u’re not making more enemies while draining their troops too.

so i guess it depends on how much time u can afford or how many excess troops u can spare.

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