Poll: Defining Dragon vs. Base Performance Expectations


I think I understand where you are on the issue. In very general terms you don’t think any single dragon should take a defended base? Like say 0 defenders-1 dragon; 1 def-2 dragons; 2 def- 3or4 dragons; 3 def-4or5 dragons…something like that? While I think this would make far more interesting wars and not rely on 250ing everything, it would truly be a 24 hour battle. It just currently not the way the game is and would require a complete rebalance across all tiers. That said it would also be terrible for atlas at the current troop loss rate.



Don’t taint it. We can go there after.


Note the OP said average flier. Not exceptional. Not good. Not great. AVERAGE.


Ah yes that’s right lol