Poll - how many egg tokens can you get per month by grinding only

Hey all just want to have some figures how many egg tokens y’all get per month excluding spending of course and also excluding using hoarded gold chests and rubies.

So just from daily token payouts, missions, event rewards.

I manage to get 130k tokens per month that way when I play events actively (450 sigils prize at least) and doing all missions with double egg bonus.


Excluding chests and event rewards, if I push myself consistently through the whole month I can average about 20-30k a week, so about 80-120k a month from daily payout and missions. Can get more with more time, certainly. I’ve gotten 30k on a breeding weekend alone, But the effort isn’t as rewarding as it use to be (read: bad dragons)


D3 token payouts
Bonus egg token missions from season
Ember level 1 :muscle:


I rarely figure it up by week or by month but instead between breed events. Before the previous breed event I had managed to grind out upwards of 130k tokens + however many that were gained during that event itself. On the flip side this breed event I will only have near 60k thanks to the events not being spaced that far apart, and that’s also including the token boost line being completed.

As a low-level player (46 currently) I kinda wonder if I should go for the token boost line in the event to get a head start on tokens, or if it’s more useful to get more evolution stones for divines or rider gear.

Without ruby spending on mission cooldowns I reckon I’d get 4-5k extra tokens a week, which doesn’t seem like all that much. If I get it now it would help me for about 8 weeks (I hear the boost doesn’t add anything during the breeding weeks), so 35-40k tokens total, for spending 3k sigils. Is my reckoning about right, or am I missing something making the boost nicer?

My main account is 84 and finished the token line first quickly and I don’t have any real complaints. I’ve already got Equestor and the first stone and will easily get the 2nd after this event.

Meanwhile my alt (low 60s) has only just yesterday finished token line and is now working on its divine.

Remains to be seen how it will effect the progress by end of season. In the fall season I was able to go all the way on Necryx with both (granted that had the 50% deal for a while to make it easier).

131k (ish) here with elite account and token boost at end of fort event (needed team prize to claim) only

This is my log of egg tokens. I haven’t bought any packs. ZERO. All done via events and grinding egg missions. I did however go for the egg token bonus. Also opening your chests at the proper time is paramount to getting a decent amount of eggs.

Edited to add: I am on a good D1 team. That also helps via daily egg payout.

10/22 872
10/29 40.7k
10/31 57.7k
11/5 83.7k
11/8 95.4k
11/11 118k
11/13 126k
11/14 131k
11/16 141k
11/18 147k
11/20 160k

New season

12/4 84k
12/11 123
12/12 133
12/13 170
12/16 200k opened bronze and seasonal golds I’d been saving
12/20 244k


Is that how many you get per week? That is kind of insane. I usually get about 80 to 90K between Breeding events.

That’s including chests right?

Without chests or rubies I think 80-140k might be possible.

This breeding event is no closer together than just about every single breeding event since last September. There was one when they were further apart and that was recently.

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Without chest but with double tokens I can average 160k per month.

What time is that? As a starting player I’m still trying to figure this out. Breeding week seems like the most logical time if my main goal is getting max egg tokens, but I’d love some confirmation.

IF pvp events. I gained over 80k eggs this past pvp event. Plus if you don’t get sigils or eggs, you get energy and IF, which help you get rubies, sigils and eggs :man_shrugging:t3:
Opening during breeding has a lot of dilution with food packs, xp pots and xp boosts, which don’t help with getting more rubies sigils and chests.
Both pvp and breed give boosts, pvp gives more pots, they both give black pearls (gag), and shards.

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Definitely the pvp before breeding.

Pattern is easy all 4 weeks is breeding so open chests a week before that time


Thanks guys, I didn’t expect food packs in breeding, that’s definitely a turn-off compared to IF/energy. Guess I should’ve opened my chests yesterday. :grin:

Oh well, I think I can manage to hold on to them for a few more weeks.

Doubles as lazymode for feeding/other times, depending upon how much you want to do there :smiley:

But yeah, I forgot as well.

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160k with normal grinding. 230k with chests and event prizes

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Gag all you want; I opened 65 gold and 400 bronze chests and still didn’t get enough black pearls to do my next perch upgrade. I started in June; must have been just after they reduced the drops.

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