Poll: Inventory - What do people want?

I often hear people complaining in thread about the lack of X or Y in chests. It’s most often sigils but lets face it we can always use more sigils.

I wanted to get an idea of what people are missing or after, so I thought i’d create a poll and find out.

I don’t think that I’ve left any options out but I’m sure that they will appear in comments.

Note: This isn’t about chest drops. It’s about finding out what people are seeking. Many of these items can be acheived by chests, event rewards, forge etc.

Multiple Seclection
Minimum Selection = 1
Maximum Selection = 5

  • Health Potions
  • +30% Tower Atk
  • +30% Tower Hp
  • +30% Dragon Atk
  • +30% Dragon Hp
  • +100% XP Boost
  • XP Potions
  • Food Packs
  • Wood Packs
  • Any/All Speedups
    [1m, 3m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 3hr, 12hr]
  • Egg Tokens
  • Fire Shards
  • Ice Shards
  • Elemental Shards
  • Black Pearls
  • Egg Fragments
  • Season Sigils

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I think “rune dust” should probably have been another option…

Mythic glyph…

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I intentionally left glyphs out. Thought that there were far to many to list and not worth bundling them together.

Damn… you’re right. It’s too late to add it.

I‘m not sure if it would have been a good idea to mix gold/silver/runic chest content in one poll.

Also I would like to add that most players have no idea what they want.
Just remember the rune dust fiasco. When players have an abundance of a certain currency that doesn‘t have a cap (cap being for example a max number of ice/fire turrets per base), they tend to think they want less of that currency to get more of another currency. They often don‘t understand that this request leads to scarcity of the currency they had an abundance of.
This is how the rune dust shortage happened and the same thing would happen to items like health potions or dragon boosts if players could vote for less of them.
And imagine the meltdown if players couldn‘t fly their dragons anymore or couldn‘t boost them anymore.

So polls like like this are helpful but have a high risk of misinterpretation.


God no. I do not want players to be able to define the drops. I’m just guaging what people are short of. That’s why it’s all bundled in.

I’m thinking that I should have left sigils out though. Of course that’s what everyone wants. :man_facepalming:

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Yes, that‘s totally fine.

I just felt like this needs to be said before someon comes along and says let‘s swap health potions or dragon boosts for whatever they currently seek more :wink:

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It misses IF and energy packs. If not considering them would be sigils, timers and egg tokens all over

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I would have voted for IF and energy packs if they were in the list (in addition to what I voted for).

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You need to put dragon boosts and base boosts each as a single category. It would just make more sense. If someone did want both, right now they would have to spend four of their 5 selections to mark them…

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You’re right, I bundled speed ups, i should have bundled the Dragon boosts and base boosts.

Realistically, I want ALL of those items - just at different rates than are dropped presently.


You forgot :hammer:

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What about inner fires and energy? This is typically what I open chests for in addition too the timers and egg tokens.

I appreciate the thought behind this thread but I don’t think this will get a true and accurate representation of what people want. First you will not obtain a true random sample which are going to skew your results as well as other statistical issues. More generally the needs at every level and play style differ so you aren’t ever going to please everyone.

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Some days I have a lot of something and then after using a lot of it I don’t have as much.

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I believe you are trolling… well played :beers:


I don’t agree with all the drops!
Sometimes they seem very watered down and sometimes they are great!

But regardless you will always have people complaining doesn’t matter what you put in it!

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But to answer your question everyone just wants Frags, Tokens, Timers and Embers lol

Edit* Sigils too if the Drags are worth it! :wink:

Let’s not forget sigils can give you all the others :grin: