Poll: is the game better on an iPad or iPhone?

  • iPhone (or phone in general)
  • iPad (or tablet in general)

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I play on an iPad Pro and having an external keyboard (I use the smart cover keyboard) and a larger screen makes it easier to be accurate… Then again, my iPhone is the iPhone SE which has a really tiny screen :sweat_smile: (but I love it… except when I’m doing a ton of typing :laughing:)

The iPad loses the extreme left and right, but the larger screen is SO worth it.


iPad you can double tap better, but have have a narrower experience than a phone.

Phone you double and triple sand easier, also have wider vision which is great for turns (especially the X iPhone series).

iPad if you do a lot of background management stuff in Atlas :sleeping: or chatting and more casual flying.

So if I use Pathox’s freeze before I fully turn the iPad might not be better?

The aspect ratio is better on the iPhone (think “this movie has been reformatted to fit your tv screen”), everything else is better on the iPad.

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