POLL: lumber quests and missions- waste of time

The annoying waste of human life on lumber shuffling:

  • Dear PG, please remove lumber from quests and missions, or add perch consumption
  • No, I like to spam people will lumber and waste time checking bank space
  • I don’t care

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We did it to say hi :eyes:, and other stuff.

And you can keep doing that :smile: vote is not about a TOTAL BAN on lumber spam,

it’s about sigil rewards not being tied to the lumber spam, if it got old already, like 2 years ago

In that case, it’s easy and harmless, so I wouldn’t mind having it.


Speaking of sending stuff to say hi, I would rather send timers, embers, rubies, sigils, I donno, something useful to others, than to send technically garbage, like saying “here, you deal with this now”

That fell under canned response unfortunately

It’s just another brainless chore here in job wars… Certainly no fun… And why would we play this game for fun?


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