Poll on the season

How do you feel this season is going?

Darkmire Season Thoughts?
  • This Season is Awesome. Great job PG
  • This Season is the same as always. Meh
  • This season is disappointing and I’m worried
  • I am done spending money I’ll ride it out
  • I am done period. Hanging up the saddle soon

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Pésima un deastee

I think this season isn’t that bad. I love froggy and sothe

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My problem isn’t so much the dragons, it’s how there were issues that lasted weeks before getting fixed.


Another issue is fixing / secretly nerfing Sothe.

Definitely a disappointing season which really sucks because I normally do like fall seasons

Obviously the elephant in the room is the mythics being glitched (and still being glitched) for literally half the season. But for me the actual issue is how poor the communication was about it. They made it sound like they were being open about acknowledging it at the start but then wouldnt provide any actual information about what was being changed. They kept giving us mixed messages about when the fixes were happening, if they worked and what was actually being done. Then on top of that no compensation and no offers for exchanges.
These mythics are also not particularly interesting. The warrior’s spell set just makes no sense on a warrior and Sothe is pretty boring now and in need of adjustment. It was interesting to have a speedier invoker, now he’s just your traditional slow, boring one. His invoke spell needs to be adjusted to make up for the speed he lost with the nerf (it was a nerf)

The spell rider was also very disappointing. Another rider with mediocre stats and a garbage spell. By far the highlight of this season was the champion riders

The 1st trading post was pretty nice with the ember for pearls offer but this last one was really disappointing

I also do not have high hopes that we’ll be seeing anything for Halloween this year

Then there’s the bs with week 2 Fight Pits and the “updates” that messed up our event schedule and did nothing to address any of the problems with the event.

Yep, not a fan of this season and my activity in game as become the lowest it has been in years. If PG wants this game to survive and to keep people around then they need to get their crap together. Because as is they are driving people away, teams are disbanding left and right and a lot of people just dont care much anymore and arent willing to invest the time into playing like they used to.


I probably will end up getting a perch dragon and completing both the champion rider and Volt charge branch and just calling it a season and then as a result might be in quiet the PvP resource pickle by next season since I’ll end up getting Draconics next season because I definitely don’t have enough time/ rubies and sigils for the festive branch this season. I think this game is just going into a inconvenient loop where it’s both boring and tediously annoying to even complete a single branch for less active or newer players it will as a result be a lot harder to catch up. I’m pretty sure some will agree with me while a larger amount won’t on this but there needs to be prize increase with events in general.

However I feel like the game is already heading into a spiraling downfall due to this season and the last one, but mainly the current season were in.

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Actually I’m disappointed at pg for months now. This season is same as old boring seasons passed.

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This is the worse season I have ever experienced. I have been around a long time too

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@dragonpunch just something you may want to follow. Large majority beyond :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

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Going to close the poll soon if no one interested

Take what you will from that PG but less than 1/4 of players are Meh or better! 96% Meh or worse . Might want to work on that communications department


Disappointing I love fall seasons this one was meh at best and what I will come to expect


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