Poll: Shrine Guardians—easy or hard?


Hey there friends. So after Temple Raid, I’ve heard quite a few opinions on the final Shrine Guardians (the Orange and Harbinger tier boss fights). Most people that I’ve seen say they were either too hard or easier than expected, so I thought I’d make a poll for fun.

Orange tier:

  • Too easy
  • Too hard
  • Moderate
  • I didn’t do them…

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Harbinger tier:

  • Too easy
  • Too hard
  • Moderate
  • I didn’t do them…

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Sooo what do ya’ll think? Looking forward to next time? (I’m not :sweat_smile:) :t_rex:


i didn’t find them to be either. i think you should include a “moderate difficulty” the two choices are too polar for me to choose in my opinion. i think they should stay as they are.


Shoot, I don’t know if I can edit polls :thinking:
Edit: I did it but it removed the votes, lol :t_rex:


as a new player just going into orange, the orange tiers were way too hard. basically anyone who did not have seasonal or high level orange dragons could not do even the first one. And we pushed hard to open the shrine of the elements … but none of us could do any of the shrine of the elements bosses.


sorry to change it on ya then! thanks for adding the choice tho!!!


It’s hard, but managable


No wonder…
It will be easier once you get yours to near expert (in my case, lv 27)


that’s an interesting point. those that are just now reaching orange tier might not even be able to participate. I do believe orange tier was used because you really aren’t able to participate in Battle Events until you have competitive dragons aka legendaries. your case is an unusual one where you are just far enough to be able to participate in events like this with the fake bases to hit(the ones in guard towers that i cant remember the name of grrr) but not quite high enough to fully take out the lowest tier offered. The reason they offer the Orange tier is because it levels the playing field of higher tier all the way down to just that tier expecting players to have those dragons maxed. it’s cool to see someone so new to the game already active on the forums!


I follow Red’s Best Path, well when it was up … hint hint, and so I had Amarock at level 8, level 12 now for the breeding event :smiley: , at the time. We had no problem doing the event and for the guardians most of us could hit red, purple and blue but not orange. Then when we got the shrine of the elements we found that those bosses were even stronger than the guardian ones so … fun event but no portrait for any of us.



What used to be an unfortunate mistake helped me a lot. I bought all of Ember’s stones before :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: and maxed/experted him at Orange tier. He took down all of the Orange bases easily esp. the one full of projectiles (yay for Invert!). The Ice Turrets where challenging but could still be Death Gaze-ed.

Unfortunately not on Harbringer yet so I could not do those bases. :frowning::frowning::frowning:


lol. I did consider buying the stone to get my ember orange but 100 dollars for a portrait seemed a bit costly hehe


:flushed: I don’t have that $125.00 dragon…


I got mine to blue despite being told not to do it and I have to admit that having ember blue has been of tremendous help to me as a new player



I think there are other creative ways to getting through those bases. Some from my team put on riders with strong gears or equipped some runes etc. It just so happened that Ember was available to me so I went with it.

And yes, I don’t reco spending so much money for that. There are other cheaper (or even free :wink::wink::wink:) ways!



Keep yours at whatever level it is now. Maxing him was from my days as a newbie :rofl::rofl::rofl:. The recent change in heal time has earned him a spot back in my roster. I previously hid him out of shame for levelling him beyond level 1. :joy::joy::joy:


o I am not shaming you for it. Sorry if it sounded like that. Heck I did consider it but sided against it but I did consider it as I only had 1 orange dragon (Amarock).


I think this was the old days from what I hear. The days when leveling him was changing the max heal time. It is now constant at 4mins 12s (with the science I have) so I do think it is a GREAT dragon at least until blue. not that expensive but with that max heal time … a farming machine


Orange axi 100% solo (with boosts and ~20%rider attack buff,~15% rider hp buff)



Yes the change to constant heal time across levels really helped those like me who levelled Ember. And no it didn’t sound like you were shaming me.

In any case, might be getting off-topic already. Just sharing that Ember was very helpful to me and most from my team got through with the help of riders and runes/glyphs. Hopefully, it can help others when the event comes back. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I won’t leave mine at Orange :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .
Axi will be Plat next feeding (currently Red)