Poll: Shrine Guardians—easy or hard?


yup, ember was important to red guardian


Hopefully next time my team will reach the center island :see_no_evil:


My alt benefits from the combo of Amarok + Enki, might be worth it to consider breeding Enki too :wink:


The orange tier bases were really easy for me, I have riders for my vanguards that fit nicely on the orange dragons, and buffed them enough to make it effortless.
Harbinger was more of a fight, but I still did it first try on each.


I managed to make it through the orange tier because mild OCD won’t let me not finish the dragons so Amarok and Durga were experted. Still needed a teammate to help me puzzle,out the last Fire turret one.
I still chose too hard though because I thought it very disheartening for the majority of my teammates who get most dragons just to breedable. They still fought hard with us to open that middle,island and didn’t stand a chance of getting the reward.


Other than the ice guardian, all the orange ones could be beaten by leading with Enki then following with Amarok with a reverse projectiles equipped. The 2nd guardian was a bit of challenge in that the ice turrets had pretty high HP but still not hard enough not to beat it on the first try


Seemed just about right to me. I didn’t have experts of all my oranges (Amarok only lvl 22, for example), but with a bit of tactical thinking and good spell usage I made it through them all. Hard, but not impossibly so.

That said, I recognize the issue that many players who had orange dragons weren’t able to clear them (including people on my team), because their orange dragons weren’t tough enough.

But the same is true with the temple guardians - for example, I couldn’t even touch the plat guardians because my plat dragons are crap. So I’d say they’re about right for the moment. Heck, the green-tier temple guardians tripped up half my team at first, because we didn’t really bother leveling those useless schmucks much past breeding.


I totally agree with you


I voted “too hard” only due to the 2nd one with the ice turrets, I felt that that one was the hardest and too OP whereas the others were tough but manageable with some strategic flying. I’m not sure if someone who is in orange tier would stand a chance against those bases, which is a shame if not.


I was honestly disappointed with orange. All but ice were soloable and most could be done with Amarok. No runes or riders. I’d like to see more tiers next time so the difficulty could be bumped up without locking out those who don’t have high level orange

Harb I couldn’t do cause like most people I don’t have harbs lol


If they stay at harbinger for a few more iterations, I’m happy


Do you think that as a player just going into orange you should be able to complete the oranges? If so wouldn’t it make it trivially easy for anyone whose a tier above orange? Personally for me the key is balance and the bases should be balanced for experted lineage dragons.

For me given it’s meant to be skill based (or I assume it is) you should only be able to use lineage dragons for them and maybe even consider not allowing riders to be used on the shrine. Personally I want to see it being more balanced but it’s much harder to balance the bases if some people are using divines and some are used max geared riders.


What proportion of players that didn’t do the Shrine Guardians will actually open a forum thread polling how difficult they were? I know there are some responses, but I wouldn’t read too much into that number in relation to the other answers.

I suspect the population of forum denizens will also be more heavily weighted towards ‘better’ players, who will have found the shrines easier than the wider player base (e.g. by actually looking for and sharing tips on how to beat them).


About the PvE part after a normal temple was done , i was dissappointed.

I wanted action and fun, but from Red to Obsidian what i got was… “done with 1 dragon” without rider …

There was a time when the event had for every tier 10-15 stages… and it was going from very easy - hard…
Sadly the PvE part was a bit short , and not a outsiding advanture you opened once ^^

But at the end it was ok .


The Shrine guardians were fantastic. I wish I could’ve redone them just for fun. Only reason I wish they were tougher (and only by a small amount) is because they were comfortably doable first time without swapping riders around. Just took 30 seconds before your hit to plan


I honestly didn’t think to add riders to my orange tier dragons so I probably made it a lot harder for myself than it should have been.


I think strategy and flying skills …makes the difference to past the 5 guardians… i myself fought hard especially the 2nd guardian… but thankfully got the portrait… its a bit of fullfillment to have the portrait… because not all members of our team got past the 5 guardians…


I thought it was at a decent difficulty level. It’s not so easy that you can just blow through all the bases without a sweat, but with careful planning I was still able to get each one on my first try.


Hopefully I can post that. Yesterday I got stopped and told to wait 17 hours before posting again as I was a new player … ok nice. I understand you want to avoid spammers but … :frowning:

And nope I could not, had to wait 3 more hours ……

If I remember well the first orange boss in the shrine was a level 70 … yea that is definitely a bit much. You want to make things interesting for all players then there should be three tiers so that at least people who are new players can get a protrait to reward their effort to make that happen. So do a red tier, orange tier and harbinger tier.

It is just about giving a portrait to recognize the effort even to those new players.


This new event is totally catering for high level players and turtle teams.
To even have a Harbinger dragon requires a high player level so PG basically removed the majority of the player base who can attack them.