Poll: Shrine Guardians—easy or hard?


I would like it if they could scale down the orange tier shrine guardians’ defense just a tad


The one I had the biggest problem with was the 2nd one with the ice turrets. Unless you have a divine stuck in orange, none of the orange dragons have the spells to handle such strong elemental attacks, only projectile ones. I am in gold tier on my dragons with amarok at level 25 and I really struggled until I got axi into orange. I suppose it might be because I don’t have all the orange dragons because I am on a breeding path, but it was very difficult for me.


It’s easily the hardest base, but the many many people commenting here about clearing the bases without any divines should’ve clued you in that it is in fact possible to do without divines.

I think it’s good that it was difficult, too many things in this game are a breeze, it’s nice to have the occasional bit that not everybody can one-shot.


I understand it was possible, but I am just pointing out that that level in particular was super difficult due to the spell set of those dragons. From what I have heard most people have their Amarok at expert and/or have atlas riders on him neither of which I had at the time. I understand it is possible, but with the resources I had - Amarok being my only legendary orange and having no epic orange hunters, Amarok not being expert yet, and not having atlas - having an orange divine was the only option to make it through. This was how it was for the rest of my team too.


A lot of it is perspective and tactics, Sam. About half my team (myself included) didn’t have Amarok at expert, let alone maxed-out riders or anything like that. In fact, mine was lower-level than yours, but after a couple tries I was able to manage it.

For me, (and via me, many of my teammates) at least, the key was loading a good spell in the extra slot. Kill the mage, hurl the spell. Repeat if necessary. Personally, I found freeze and fireball most effective, but I know several people had great results with death gaze.

I think the design is just a little misleading, really. The average person just entering orange (or whatever tier) is going to be hard-pressed to win against the temple guardians, let alone the shrine guardians. Generally those who do well in a tier-based battle are those who have progressed beyond that tier, and have the benefits of the added XP…let alone things like research, or riders.


I for one really enjoyed the Shrine Guardians. #AmarokKingAgain

Definitely was more challenging than other PvE bases have been in the past, which was kind of nice (not to have a cake walk type of “challenge”)

The one tower per element that was CRAZY strong was cool, and it made you strategize as to your dragon/element and spell choices.

I’d almost welcome an entire event like that, lol (almost)


I had Amarok at level 23. Had to breed and level enki for the event. It took me like 20 tries and some serious coaching from Lutrus, but I was finally able to do it.

The event was really valuable for me, because it forced me to learn to fly. Before that, I always few warriors against bases I could win, so I would just hold down my finger until the end of the base. I learned a heck of a lot during Temple Raid.

Now, I have Amarok, Enki and Durga in my active roster and am leveling them daily. :slight_smile:


Are the extra spells you put on your dragon only supposed to be able to be used once?


Once or twice depending on the spell. :t_rex:


Oh ok, I didn’t realize that. The biggest issue I had was not having a hunter that could withstand more than one hit. :woman_shrugging: will hopefully have it by next time though. My rare hunters just didn’t cut it lol


That much?

Wow. Just took mine to whatever was free.


I liked the idea as a whole compared to other events. I was able to complete nearly all of the guardians and only one of the bosses. Over all it was frustrating to me because I have one or two dragons that I believe because of their power levels could have propelled me further. To that effect, I felt capped and I hate that feeling and do not like it at all. Capping players is not a good idea


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