[Poll] Small teams, how many active defenders?

Small teams with 1-5 castles, how many of your teammates somewhat regularly do active defense on your castles? Like, watching bot alerts, counter-attacking, etc?

  • 0 (just constant cooldowns)
  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-10
  • more than 10

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Any insightful observations and grumpy ramblings on the subject are welcome in the comments.

Well if with small teams you mean like…more casual than competitive, then I think its clear why not many defend. Hell if people actually use atlas its somewhat of an achievment lol. But I think we all got at least some people who try to defend. Wouldnt say more than 5 who do it regularly though. But I think you dont need that many who do it at lower apr levels, because the attacks arent that harsh compared to these crazy diamond mfs


The access rights system suggests up to 6 people, as only the leader and the officers have full access to all castles. Without that, watching alerts is often a frustrating and ungrateful experience. If you cannot enfeeble or disable shield when you need to, and everyone with permissions is away, you just feel artificially banned from the most meaningful defense you could do, and at best half as useful as you could be. So it is understandable if people are not eager to do that.

I wish PG could let the team leader give any access for castle structures to any number of teammates as they see fit.

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“Small” teams don’t typically have alerts. It’s typically 2 or 3 sleep deprived officers who keep their phones open on atlas 25/8


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