Poll: Timers Decreased by 30% in Favour of Diamonds


With the new changes coming to Atlas (specifically the timer changes) I’ve seen many people in favour and against the change so yeh… just poll it out

  • Remain As Current

  • Go through with changes

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Get a line break after [/poll]
Can you add “Boost main game’s drop to compensate?”


Thanks :see_no_evil:


I actually don’t see why PG needs to take away timers to increase Diamonds. Is not like progress will be significantly faster just cause they increased diamonds by 30%.


Or decrease scrolls to increase diamonds by 30%. If they are unwilling to give more prizes.


lmfao no kidding I have over 50k scrolls.


I cant see scrolls anymore, give me 250k speedups for those 300k useless dust collectors🤷‍♂️

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This game, in the end, is all about timers.

Less timers for something less valuable only benefits PG… :man_shrugging:t2:


Those who vote “Go with changes”, can you describe, why you think it is better?


I voted for remain as current, but i can still think of a few as im lazy as F to farm gold but still wanna keep up with my troop counts.


Can’t answer right now…

If “lost timers” are compensated well (extra timer in main game), it’s good (catch up mechanic for non Atlas). Otherwise, it’s poor.


I suspect

will be the case. :man_facepalming:t2:


how would this be a good “catch up mechanic” ?
What exactly do you plan to use the diamonds for >.>


Just think of it as extra gold… Or Atlas Chests. Or…

It allows non Atlas player to have more timers, while letting Atlas player to get the same amount of timer (by grinding…)
Still better than throwing timers to non Atlas team as freebies.

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Sorry going to have to strongly disagree here…
Gold is not in shortage
Atlas chests are an extremely poor return for diamonds even with 30% more diamonds.
Timers > any possible scenario that diamonds can/have been discussed being used for.

There is nothing that you can / could use diamonds for that will in anyway assist anyone even closely as much as more timers do.


Indeed, but I can’t be more careless now. xD Lost hope for PG’s definition of balancing.


Assuming proper “sane” compensation

Non Atlas = 0% extra timers
Atlas = 100% extra timers

Non Atlas = +30% timers (grinding)
Atlas = 70% timers (events) + 30% timers (grinding) = 100% timers

Perhaps a little more grinding for Atlas players…

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Kinda. Shards and Scrolls are a clear example of this.


Doesn’t matter…

Without atlas you will always get rolled by atlas players.
Solution: get atlas

How to grow to compete with big atlas players, timers.

Timers are diminishing returns. The bigger you get the less advantage is earned per amount of timers.
The bigger you are relative to your atlas foes the easier it is to get more rewards/deny rewards to those smaller than you.

Reducing timers/growth rate is just putting another nail in the coffin of anyone trying to catch up.


With current situation, Atlas is limited.
Whether the team inside is full or not, it’s still unfair to those outside Atlas.

Personally, I’m thinking that current solution is just a cheap bandaid to cover the wound.
Even “Local” Atlas (limited Atlas features, no open world) will help much more than current solution.

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