Poll: Troop Kill Ratio

This is not at all what we plan to do or on our roadmap, or some agenda we are trying to push. This poll is purely informational. Historically players want dragons to be a dragons first game, and downplaying the use of dragons in PVP has had notable opposition. Granted Atlas is a new and different space than the main game and with recent discussion would like to see the breakdown of how a broader set of Atlas players currently feel.


The current troop kill ratio in a battle between players right now factors in primarch vs primarch attack/defense ratings as well as a large weight on what the flame score outcome for the battle is. Essentially if you don’t win the battle you are going to have a quite bad kill ratio. This means high level bases have a distinct advantage over lower level players even if they had the same level primarchs and troop quantities. Players have definitely invested time and or money to get their bases to this strength.

What I’m curious to know is how much people want the mini-game (attacking the players base with your dragon) and the flame score attached to it to factor into the troop kill ratio. I will list 3 options to see what people think, please pick one.

  • No Dragon Battle - Primarch vs Primarch Atk/Def ratings determine troop kill ratio only.
  • Keep Dragon Battle - But the impact of a loss or low flame score is lessened (still can get ok kill ratios despite losing. 5 flames still gets best ratio)
  • Don’t Touch It!!! Leave calculations exactly how they are now.

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My 2c – Ultimately WD is a dragons-first game, and all features must prominently build on dragons and flying skill (and, to a lesser extent, bases). Any attempt to downplay that prominence is incompatible with our community.

Of course, my 2c is based on my perception of the community. And the community can change. So it’s important to ask fundamental questions like this from time to time!


I think the question most everyone will be asking is, “What method gives me the most return for my investment.”

People want to lose as few troops as possible whilst gaining as much xp/glory as possible.

So I guess that would be choice 1?

If you completely remove your dragons and base…then wtf is the point of Atlas lol…


I am up for reduced impact of of the dragon battle. Maybe make the multiplier range between .5 and 1.5 instead of 0 and 2 (or what ever the current numbers are) for 0% on base and 5 flames

Edit: Would give lower levels more of a hope in atlas :rofl:

0 and 2? Where are these numbers coming from?

The difference between 5-flames and 0% destruction is 10:1. That is, you will kill ten times fewer troops (per troop you use) when you fail to scratch the base versus when you 5-flame it.

Like Dave said, it’s important to rely on skill… I think lessening the value of troops will solve this problem much more than pandering to those who want to be able to hit bases they could never take (at the time obviously) and expect a fair result in return. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes

I was way off, but lessoning the range would give more strength to the primarchs while still having dragons/your base as a key component.

How? If all things equal basically, it does not matter what the outcome is. The sole determinant is now your primarch level. Does not matter how defendable your base is or how well you fly. Did you level your primarch or not? That sounds super linear.

I could be wrong but this is where I have trouble putting any faith in people’s opinions. They offer an opinion but it is has almost complete ignorance. Not to get too political but this is like watching people vote and interact in politics but if you ask them the 3 branches of government they respond: Fir, Pine and Olive.

I hope this statement is based on something other than your 0 and 2 math…

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Why can all members, even those without Atlas, vote? In this instance it would be better for people that are familiar with Atlas and its circumstances to be the only ones able to vote if that’s possible. Results are going to be diluted…

Who are you even replying to? The current votes going towards less impact, not complete removal?

It already has a lot less impact than before, it won’t be complete zero but will have very little significance. By your logic…if I just throw Frigg at your base enough times then eventually that should work out.

The issue of Prim vs Prim only is that it encourages preying on small or new-to-Atlas players, which also exists in the adjusted option.

Some penalty for bullying would be good (a 350 with a level 12 Sieger shouldn’t be rewarded with a high kill ratio if they’re attacking a level 120 with a level 1 fighter).

Agreed, but out of curiosity…what happens when a level 500 hits you with a level 5 fighter? Should the ratios be tied solely to that?

Really it’s down to who should come out on top in a scenario where it’s lvl300 with a lvl10 destroyer vs a lvl 500 with a lvl 1 fighter. The person who put more time into atlas or someone who just joined it yesterday

Is it? I am absolutely sure there are far more calculations than that. I am just saying, your entire argument was based on numbers that were, at best, completely made up.

Who should come out in that scenario? Have you accounted for what dragons are used, number of flames, Fort Combat Bonus? I know people who had Atlas since the start and still can’t figure out how to move around and people who got it and within a week could understand most of the mechanics. I would guess you are the former, not the latter.

So…by this statement if they just have “had” Atlas the longest they should win? So then everyone on the original beta teams should just win instantly right? They put more time in. Are you going to log when their account joined an Atlas team and use that as the base for your algorithm to determine primarch strength?

The troops killed are based off attacking prim number vs defending prim number as well as the battle run itself. Fort combat bonus does effect the stats. I have had atlas since the Sapp release so probably a year after you yourself did.

People who have been in atlas for a year do have an advantage as do people who have been playing the game for years? In Atlas is cheaper and easier to even the playing field then it is in the base game so I am not sure where you are going with that.

Back to the scenario if the lvl 300 with 200 attack power tried to attack the lvl500 fighter with 100 defence power, if they can’t take the base they would lose more then twice the amount of troops, even though they themself have put more effort into atlas

I appreciate that you want to see what the sentiment of forum participants is, but I think making flying (much more/completely?) unimportant is a very curious and unfortunate path to explore.

A solely equation based battle system is an especially awful idea (literally no interactivity, why bother) but I’m also not keen to travel down a participation medal type road where something akin to ‘start and immediately quit a mega attack for points’ becomes a viable battle of attrition tactic in Atlas.


I’m going to let Panda fight this out - Go Panda!

But from my perspective, why reward crap fighting? The ratio of 10:1 makes sense. Could probably be increased IMO. At an extreme, 0 Flames should result in 0 losses for the defender and 100% losses for the attacker. Because they’ve failed to defeat the base. Why should they be rewarded for doing essentially nothing but wasting 3 dragons?