Poll: trump or biden?!? :)

Just thought I’d put this here just for fun…

TRUMP OR BIDEN?!? :slight_smile:
  • TRUMP!
  • BIDEN!
  • None of the above!
  • I refuse to say!

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Okay idk why you bringing politics up in a game the game is political in itself but some people would rather not have that brought into their own fun


Please dont politicise the forums :innocent:

@moderators please


That’s why it’s off topic
:chunk: 2020


just for fun, off topic … no harm no foul. don’t hate :slight_smile:


Doesn’t break any rules that I know of. You can flag it if you want, but it doesn’t seem to be a direct offense.

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The thread is fine. Just keep it civil.


Don’t care actually

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I voted and I out to protect what I worked for nearly all my life

What made me open my eyes was just a book I advise you read this book from a historian go to your local library and find that book


Biden, cause Kamala Rules!! :fire::fire::fire: Representation!!!


:joy::joy::joy: seems about right 17 voters, 21 votes

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schlatt2020 https://twitter.com/jschlatt/status/1311140081114189824?s=21

Chunk/Axi 2020 and all years to come :chunk: :axi:

But seriously, I’d vote for a dead raccoon before I voted for a racist, cult leader like Pumpkin Trump :jack_o_lantern: :baby_bottle:


Hehe that’s going to ruffle some feathers
Chunk :chunk: 2020!
We need a sign that says Chunk/Axi 2020, the one political sign I would get


Seems there is now more Biden/Harris supporters compared to Trump/Pence
Chunk/Axi will win in a landslide though

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The internet in general is much more liberal then the real world. Would honestly take anything being said with a grain of salt. With that being said, I’m sure they will both do a great job :slight_smile:


Positive outlook… interesting
It really depends where you look. Where I live it is more liberal, although YT comments make me think twice about that last part.

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Biden-94 crime bill Harris-commited adultery to get ahead + locked up alot of people of my color

Don’t be all attacking me because you look foolish arguing with facts

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Must be showing some late mail in votes :sunglasses:

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Americans are screwed either way.

You have a sexist, racist bigot on one side and the classic case of early onset of dementia on the other.

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