Poll: Why do you still play?


I play for all of the children in the world who don’t have access to a game like this. I fight for all of the disenfranchised players who have broken devices. I push myself everyday to be a role model for aspiring mobile gaming addicts around the world. I am the change that I want to see in the world.




depends on the drugs…clearly we have different providers :wink:


Lol…thanks Red. I’ve never been “the solution” before…usually just “the problem” :wink:


I’m so happy this was marked as the solution. :rofl:


Someone asked for a do you still play poll so here it is!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Occasionally

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JUST add a poll to this, im not going to read everyones reply,
Because you love the game.
Because you are invested in the game
because your dumb
just some suggestions


But most of the fun is reading people’s replies :open_mouth:


Yes, because I’m a masochist and I need something to procrastinate my life responsibilities with. :t_rex:


Lmao I looked at the blackboard and it says “Rugs and you”. Think I’m going to the flea market for a Turkish one this weekend…


What you’re referring to is sometimes called a “Gacha Hell” and it is a common problem in many mobile games.

Opinion Found Here. Read At Own Risk. Personally, I think it’s because all mobile developers aren’t capable of having a single original thought, I mean, the majority of mobile games were started on another platform before they were brought over to mobile. Either by making shameless knockoffs, or by an “official” port that’s hardly as good as the original, with bad control schemes, numerous bugs/glitches, and/or missing content. The few original games I have found are practically dead, or on the verge of transforming into every other mobile game ever. I blame this on the negative stigma that people have for mobile devices, and the ever increasing sea of knockoff garbage, which in turn, drowns out any original content, and perpetuates the stigma. But hey, those are just my thoughts, so what do I know?

Edit: I forgot to say that I’m no longer playing.

Edit2: Now that I have nothing to lose, should I post my prototype list while I work on my finalized version?


We have a recruiting post. ColumbiaGorge is the team for addicts. You should join us.:joy_cat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And saying you are an addict which is why you play is a perfectly fine answer.:+1:


Given the person with this message you have my interest peaked.:thinking:


“Less than i once did” should be an option. I play way less than i once did. still way too much to be called occasional though…


Team name based on the OR/WA gorge? That sounds awfully local :grin:


Still playing, I love flying dragons with nice people around and still have some kind of visible progress for E2P… but with all recent bad decisions in this game I started wondering how long will it take of my patience to bare with it.


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I’m only here due to the friends I’ve made (and dragons are cool), but I believe it is time to go. I’m 351 (or is it 352?) and I’m tired. I’ve spent way too much time and money on this game.


there goes another hero


Though the details are different for everyone, I think you just summed it all up for most of us