Poor Lightning Towers

If i were to advice a lower level than mine, I wouldnt suggest building a lightning tower or leveling it.

Cannon tower : breaks shields rating 9/10
So if in case blues are sanded and enemy dragon used extra spell invs shield, cannon is a good turninf poiint IMO.

Archer tower : dps wise, proper runing ; rating 9/10

Storm : makes dps towers not first targets ; rating 10/10

Ice turret : provides extra def , instant dps , tanky ; 10/10 (tho im seeing most drags getting ice resist now) i still feel like ice turret’s dps and ss still a good threat for flyers.

Fire turret : slow DPS, gives an instant damage , gives a good scare u might get 2/3 or 1/2 hp shotted , (applicable when ur dragon tier is leveled with the tower) . SS i still find it very useful . Tower tanky. RATING 8/10 cuz oftenly it wont get to the point itll shoot, not if SS is triggered ofc.

Darkflak , fireflak old and new: 10/10 still best in DPS for me , and tanky ofc

I dont know how to rate lightning, MAYBE if they change SS of lightning to “boost aspd of near towers” then perhaps they’ll be back in the scene.


People underestimate lightning towers.

That being said most of the popular dragons these days have lightning resist and for some crazy reason (I think they were considered OP and intentionally nerfed) supershot lightning is also covered by lightning resist even though other resists do not block their supershot.

Add on that lightning resist is equippible AND there are spells like elemental mayhem that pretty much invalidate them…

I expect they will become relevant again in the not too distant future.

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My thought is, 6-7 towers are considered to be leveld from lvl 0 to 230 ( u know short bases)? Dont quote me on the level but I really still wouldnt include the lightning in the roster.

If ur going to group it up wirh other towers how would it look like? Red blue ice 2x lightning? Red blue 2x lightning storm? Or… backline long island setup with 1 mage? Or…

I have 5 on my base. I recently had to move them as they no longer provided more benefit than other towers.

I have the research maxed and a few mythic runes for them too.

They do a ton of damage at high level in groups, and have very long range. Unfortunately kinnarus, necryx, and noctua (to name a few) all
Come standard with 70% lightning resist. Might as well give out free rage.


my rage drain island used to be my lightning island and still has all my lightning runes (mythic and leg) on it. They were no longer an asset so now I have three pretty high level lightning towers (lvl 30’s) in storage.


Same, red blue 3x ligt towers lol.

You give fairly high ratings for all of your towers.

I have my own version of tower ratings in my base building guide, and I agree lightning towers are one of the towers I would least recommend building

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Cant argue with that, maybe Shouldve used 1-5. :sweat_smile:. I did read ur guide and i pay respect to ur effort and keen details. :+1:t4:, but sorry i only did skimming. Only read some parts I wanted to check if same with my idealism. But overall, excellent work.

The problem isn’t the towers. The problem is how many dragons come with the resist. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lightning towers are fine for max bases. but 99% of people only have a few (generally less than 8) levelled combat towers. In order to make lightning truly powerful they need to be grouped and its not worth taking up a large % of your leveled combat towers with a single tower type that can easily be resisted with an added spell.


Any reason for this? Or just hoping?

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TBH,I’m agree about lighting towers
I have 2 with Mythic rune and few legendaries on my base and for Noc and Nec it’s like rage build and health build towers(((
NOT SAYING that I want to balance dragons!
I also with we could add some new abilities for those towers

It just is a pattern I see. (I could be way off, merely speculation. And unlike poision there isn’t really a technical difficulty in normalizing it.)

In my mind all towers should have a tactical use when used right or else they shouldn’t exist. I’ve always been in favor of that kind of strategy. It’s really hard to say how much of their uselessness at the moment is just due to popular dragons having resist. I guess we won’t know until we see how level 65 lightning works with the new harbinger dragons.

Lightning towers are useful in the sense they scare you into resisting them, instead of any other tower… secondly, a lot of dragons are coming with ice resist lately, which leaves lightning as a viable option once more

I remember one of the pg member saying lightning towers get 30% buff per adjacent tower in one thread of previous forum. Thus, dps wise it is comparable to archer/cannons when grouped.

However, now there are flaks that have better dps with a single tower, and also because of spells like elemental barrier, together with the fact that there are lots of GOOD dragons with resist, it is not as deadly as before.

My experience is that if you throw all of the buffs together with a group of 5 towers you have decent damage but not better than standard dark flak config

Add to that most dragons many see are noctua, kinnarus, necryx, equestor. Those dragons all have 70% resist which on lightning is enough to ignore the damage.

So pretty much unless those dragons stop being the first choice.

I have noticed that the lightning towers super shots (combined lightning) removes the wind wall/mystic winds spell so it leaves the dragon more vulnerable to attack.

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