Portal entry to Aligane?

When you move in atlas there is a circle and a choices(move, conquer, details).

Can they add a new one like portal? And on it is Green egg portal, gold egg portal? Etc.

Or Aligane1 for all level
And Aligane0 for level 300 below


Pre ndi n kailangan gumwa p ng ibang klase ng Alegane para sa ibat ibang level ng mga player. May glory scaling para dito. :man_shrugging:

Maraming players ayaw pumunta doon kasi inuupan ng mga malalaking players. Kung balance ang kalaban maraming pupunta.

Actually, big players suffer from attacking small players (although sometimes, the penalty is smaller than the risk from taking a prim with equal level). If you have big teammates, let them help for glory run.

If you prefer bases at similar strength, I believe @Sam can help for glory swap room.


I like playing the game not someone playing it for me…

Pag nag attack ang mga mlalaking players sa mga low level wla sila makukuhang magandang glory. Worst, wlang glory. Tanga lang ang mga high level na nag-attack ng mga low level at nagsasayang ng oras. Napaka-bagal n ng Atlas para magdadag ng bagong content.

Atlas pa rin eto. Dadaan ka sa portal para sa category mo. Doon nila ilalagay yon condition ng program para di matrabaho para sa kanila. Parang Move Kaya lang May conditions.

Naiintindihan ko bro ibig mo sabihin. Pero dagdag trabaho sa coding yan at baka lalo pang lumalala ang mga glitch. Pabayaan mo yung mga high level players na nag aattack sau. Mga ungas, gago at tanga lang sila. Kung gusto mo mkakuha ng magandang glory attack ka sa ibang mga castle. Ang pagiging bandido ang sagot. :man_shrugging:

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I actually like the idea of different designated NML spots with a level restriction. There’s sooooooooo much useless NML out there and even getting anywhere near Aligane murders the game because of how many people are there.


Do you guys remember when portals were a thing in atlas? :see_no_evil:

When I need to swap glory I typically locate a partner and we work it out so we get equal glory, I’ve never had much luck with Aligane, the level thing is also an issue but I believe there would be more complaints if there were certain areas restricted by level.

I doubt pg can easily introduce level restrictions on parts of nml (and how would that affect access to neighbouring castles?).

I get annoyed when I frequently see high levels attacking players 300 levels below them at Aligane, they are either stupid or vindictive. But I can’t see any easy solutions to prevent this happening.

They are in atlas 2 or a new colosseum one atlas map then they exit to the original atlas.

It’s a war games I know… they put a lot of efforts that is why they are so strong… but a lot of games has beginners level too. Some wants to race aygo to a Lamborghini.

I don’t get league points for my racing league, if I race against a Trabant with my Porsche…so, why should I do that?

tama ka dyan kasapi. di nila tayo mato-tolonges

We have to try… there is almost 2 days that their hardware on ongoing event will be free. The portal will open… sana :grin:

sana lahat all

If you have an alliance you can’t attack them and they assign a color? Same inside the portal but you can attack the same color and a sign or a flag that indicate it is inside the portal.

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