Portals: Way Too Much

This just seems ridiculous:


The worst part about your picture… that’s one of the better areas :joy::joy: some of them have 4-8 portals stacked on top of each other. I can’t believe this is still an issue.

I can’t believe portals are still a thing…

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Yep, few hours ago, look at it and Im like “ ok maybe later :neutral_face: “

Portals are going away when Flying Primarchs are released later this month (there’s a thread where we discussed it if you’re interested in the details) … then they’ll finally be out of our way. I apologize for the hassle in the meantime.


below for ref:

Thanks @forScience. I wish there was a quick way to reference an old post (kind of like @xx auto-completes a username). I guess I have a feature request for Discord :P.

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I cheat with bookmarks or http://forums.wardragons.com/search?q=%40PGDave%20order%3Alatest and then search on portal, though my memory tends to be better for War Dragons than some other stuff… :sweat_smile: It would be neat, though.

And are you cheating on Discourse with Discord (so much better than LINE in some ways)?

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Oh gee, yeah I meant Discourse. I’ve used Discord on PC and it’s pretty good there, but prefer Line to Discord on mobile (but that may just be because I’ve used Line for so long). (Chat) Bots are more convenient to create on Discord imo, though that hasn’t been enough to sway me yet.

@PGDave will we still be keeping the teams portals

No, they will be removed as well. Flying Primarchs will obviate the need for even team portals.

Team portals allow you to travel vast areas in seconds not minutes as stated below
Flying Primarchs - Primarchs can now fly directly to their destination. They will travel faster than now (no longer than 10min to any location on the map).

The original intent for portals was so that teams could own multiple regions in different areas of the world without having to worry about the crazy travel logistics managing paths between them.

After flying primarchs… the logistics challenges are removed as you can fly directly point to point. Granted, there is some increased time with this, but this is something we were always willing to have. Additionally there are some technical challenges and weird edge cases that happen with portals, which would be remedied with this change.

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yes i get that you can fly point to point but its going to take a lot longer
some teams have created great portal systems so you can move to any one of our areas in seconds to respond to attacks not minutes

Yeah the advantage of instant travel via portals is great enough to set up portals between adjacent regions. You can lose 15k troops to a single attacker in the 2min it takes to travel

Sounds a bit like real war to me? Surprise attacks are often effective.

I’m not too bothered by losses when there is a group of people attacking. It’s the lone glory hunters that are annoying cause you only have a few minutes to hit them and minimize their earnings before they wipe themselves out

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If atlas was built like wars…then yes.

I can’t get home because the portal I need and used is under a mine. This is crazy. It’s bad enough we don’t know where we are going the way back is impossible. What can I do @PGDave @pgEcho

Sorry, the event portals will despawn soon. They’ll all be going away once Flying Primarchs ships as well.