Portals: Way Too Much


Thank you for helping me out. i’m happy to hear flying prims are coming soon. I know this for another post but have you guys worked on the mass attack delays and points not registering? There was another today and I had a terrible time maneuvering and GP registering. I did put in a support ticket and they did respond.


Yes, we don’t yet know what is causing the delay in attacks registering but it clearly seems related to the recent releases. It’s our top priority right now.


Ok I’ll let you guys get back to what you guys are doing. Thank you! I know a lot of my teammates are scared and/or discouraged to join an alliance attack or join a mass attack because points aren’t registering and you can’t pull out if you need to. It’s like kamikaze primarch


So aside from the bonus, what good will the tower be? If no team portal that seems to render this piece of infrastructure obsolete. @PGDave

I am sure I’ve seen the answer before, but what happens to blockades with the new flying primarchs?


[Proposal: Flying Primarchs & Atlas Pacing] has the details, but you can only fly to friendly or neutral or adjacent land. So enemy blockades will still stop you from quickly penetrating into the heart of enemy territory.


Any ETA on this?


With the changes to movement will all of No Mans Lands areas be accessible to anyone? As in fly in/fly out and attack any connecting bases?
I assume safe/neutral zones will remain the same, although their connectedness will become more or less irrelevant.


@Panda 4.10

@DrWormWB09 Yes.


I’m sure you have already considered this, maybe ever talked about it elsewhere. I’m. Not as good as forscience at finding stuff. :wink:

Has there been any discussion of what, in other games, has been called “power projection”? Iow, the ability of D very powerful team to be virtually anywhere at very short notice? Not even to help themselves or to be aggressive in assaults, but to defend weaker allies?

Just curious.

Thank you for all you do. (and Echo too).


We’ve talked about power projection here too. Portals were in part thought of as a way to do just that – travel vast distances instantly. Flying Primarchs, which will replace portals, will make it easier (and hopefully more intuitive) to come to allies aid!


Teams that flew to territories adjacent to NML/safezones should be subject to flying revenge attacks :smiling_imp:


Overall I think this needs to be kept under watch in case things get out of hand fast. So lets not do that update at say 4:59pm PST…


NMLs already permit revenge :). There’s some discussion about whether safe zones should remain in the game (or whether safe zones should be converted to NMLs). That kind of change would only be part of a broader balance change, but would put to rest the inability to retaliate (and the ability to hide, which is a bit more serious of a consequence since it affects teams which might prefer to avoid combat … though it is war dragons …).


sounds like a horrible idea converting safe zones to NML. a lot of teams without land stage and build in safe zones. also, if i need to take a break and can’t participate for a bit i need a place to put my primarks and troops in a safe spot. can pretty much guarantee i would be pissed if i needed a break and came back to all my troops destroyed. way to much work to build troops for that. would probably insta quit


If safe zone will be converted over to NML then there has to be a way for team to be safe to rebuild and not get targeted.


With the “flying” mechanic, landlocked teams are safe from retaliation after they fly back. It’s just another safezone-type loophole opening up but worse, as it’ll be harder to trace back as well. Atlas has no convenient revenge mechanic.


Why not change save zones to level 1 castles.
Can’t be owned but a certain amount of your troops will be safe from attackers, this will prevent teams to just sit in save zone with thousands of ships.

This will also give some kind of revenge risk should you just wonder around and attacking randomly.


Interesting, protecting a certain number of troops might be okay (though maybe more confusing than its worth, and might be a loophole if players distribute their troops across many level 1/safe castles).


Can’t it just be set as a total number that can be “protected”?


Unfortunately a total number across all places wouldn’t be feasible. Though we could perhaps only give you safety at your designated home, perhaps (if in the safe area).