Portrait Backgrounds

Why have portraits with and without backgrounds if most of the time they show without either way?
Some people like the backgrounds and having it actually be an option would be nice.

I thought most of the portaits gave us the choice between having a background or just black background. Last one I got was still that way so unsure what you are asking for.

History. This change was made last year. Portraits started coming with a colorful background. Some asked for the old black background and Zos chose to give us both. I think it is only the last one that does not have a black background but it is also generally a ever so slightly animated one.

Both of these pictures have a background, but only the one without the option shows in chat or attacking.


Exactly and I explained the history. Again, PG started putting backgrounds on portraits. When some explained they preferred the black backgrounds of the older portraits PG started giving us a both.

So that is why you have one with some colorful portraits and some with both and if you have been around long enough you have some with only the black background.

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