Portrait for Neptus?


Simple request, can we please have a portrait associated with unlocking Neptus? It’s a pretty expensive toy, and although he will come and go, it would be nice to have a portrait associated with him for posterity



I don’t think they’ve ever given portraits for the mythic dragons :thinking:

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That would be nice for each seasonal final dragon to have its own wicked portrait. A nice compliment for the “expensive toy.”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kharnyx Lore was it? After Runic Gustav?

Infact it seems like they stopped giving out portraits for top dragons, there were many before.

Also it seems like they also gave up growing divines? It was a really nice idea especially the butterfly theme for Morphos, then Merkt and Moonfang. But nothing for Neptus?

Seems a little rushed :confused:

On the bright side they offer really nice runes so that‘s a plus.

Hope this wasn‘t too much off topic, I just think there could be more coming back including the portrait.

Oh yeah haha. My bad, good old phasmos.

Especially since it is free for the season. Why not :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, I miss that special portrait, like Kharnix n Phasmos season

It’s a Winter season Dragon, maybe Dragons act like Nature, they rest in Winter and don’t grow in several stages like those evolution Dragons? :thinking::grin:

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Yes!! Can we get a winter male&female portrait like last year? They look like a couple :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

We got couple in team. Gonna be cute seeing that on them!

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Just saying, those Winter '16-'17 portraits won’t come back (for many reasons).
Maybe we’ll see new portrait for “couples” that look similar, but this season is pretty much done. The dev team is probably working on the Spring season already and even Summer. They may have something up their sleeves :grin:

Yeah I meant something new but in the pair of last winter lol

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