Portraits? Are they locked forever?

Will there ever be other opportunities to unlocked locked past portraits example I missed unlocking the amarok knight portrait and I really want it.

Probably not

No there probably won’t. I’ve always wanted to get the second stage of the male frost emissary or something like that but it’s been five years and he hasn’t come back. I do have a suggestion for war dragons though, as One way they could somewhat bring portraits back is to do a different form of resurrection. Right now, they just bring the dragon back with new stones and slight tweaks. I believe war dragons could release a new dragon that is similar to its predecessor but viable in today’s meta. They could put some twists to the dragons design and spells to make it suitable for today’s meta. War dragons has kind of done this with dragons like borgian but they’ve never really redone a previous divine as a resurrection branch. At the same time, they could release a new portrait with these dragons, that resembles the earlier portrait. This way, they could bring back old concepts without introducing completely useless dragons and give players an opportunity to get a portrait they missed.


You kind sir need to motions to meme

With all respect of course cause this is a genius idea and I would love to see that happen. Like a remake of Fae and tweak the spring elf that came out with her.


When they first announced resurrection dragons I thought we could get the portraits but sadly that wasn’t the case, the other possible way we could unlock locked portraits is the champion rider branch, but you only get the second stage of the portrait…

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U know what would be cool…
If u got the portrait in the resurrection branch dragon
If so I’ll be voting for this every time


Champion Riders bring back Groggy, Kayla and Tor.

I hope not…. Especially mine. This one rocks and if all of you noobs get it, it will be disappointing.

Once upon a time, I would have said no, you’ll never ever ever be able to get them, they’re limited time only, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

However…….then PG done gone back in their word and brought back past divines……

So my guess would be that at this current time, no, you can’t get the past portraits BUT when PG is looking to make a few bucks and they’ve slashed their art department and/or can’t afford to outsource portraits and they need some to fill a gap and/or make some quick cash, YES, you’ll be able to get past portraits.

And no PG, while I may still play the game, you’ll never, ever, ever live down bringing back past divines (unless you give me all the evolution stones for the divines that I have that I missed getting when you resurrected them while I took a break from playing). Only then will I maybe possibly consider forgiving you. Maybe.

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Even then, I won’t. Unless they give me
A modern level Lochsvur… but only me.

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They could always tweak the profiles, like mentioned before, so they would be the same but not at the same time. I’m thinking kinda like how a donkey and a horse are the same thing in a way but aren’t at the same time. They both belong to the same family but they’re different species.

So they could do that with the portraits as well. Have the old ones and the new ones in the same family but have them as a different species, aka change how they look slightly. That way people that busted their ass to get the current profile still can have the pride of being able to get it while also giving other people a chance to get a similar one.

If that makes sense, I was hoping a real life example would help explain my thought process.


The Women’s Day portrait was pretty popular as I recall. They did it every other year…I think they stopped doing that. They sold the portrait in a pack and I know people who got the pack JUST for the portraits, and both are lovely ones.

On that note, I’m okay with not recycling the same portrait (different from tweaking a portrait). It’s the closest thing War Dragons has to a “look how long I’ve been playing” badge.


Personally I dont think portraits should come back. It’s one of the exclusive rewards for playing for so long. They dont impact the game at all so there is no need for newer players to have them other than they want them. Bringing back past portraits that were supposed to be exclusive just cheapens the work people did to get them originally.

If you didn’t finish a portrait then tough. There are some past ones I’d love to have but I wasn’t playing at the time or didn’t earn them at the time so I don’t deserve another chance to get them.