Portraits cost sigils now, really?


If it helps, just imagine that the next prize cost twice as much, but that halfway to claiming it PG gave you a free portrait. Wow, wasn’t that nice of them?


But for low level players you can actually get a fair higher level stone for cheaper as well. This hasn’t taken anything away from e2p players.

Yeah the initial price is high. Pretty much every other price is lower


This season is actually awesome for players around platinum in lower leagues where they can get further with more than 1 dragon.

On topic, don’t forget we use to pay portraits


I am slightly intrigued why there’s a hump in the sigil prices as you approach the garnet stone, after which they drop off again, rather than a steady progression of costs and prizes all the way to the top tiers. What’s the thinking behind that?


I would think the majority players are around sapphire/garnet. May be a “milking” system, but I’m not sure if I want to go that way since PG has started an awesome season


Did you notice that the prizes also peak in the region meaning casual players who need garnet/emerald also get the bulk of the prizes as opposed to needing to get past emerald to get the decent prizes.


The peak came from how seasons have been rolled out over time. They started at a certain price cost for each or up to sapphire. Then they kept tacking orbs onto the end of the prizing structure as one offs without adjusting anything previous. In one season they did a cost reduction structure back to 28k.

But it’s because they tried to keep adding stones with only adding minimal costs to the entire line without adjusting the middle. Long story short they started with sapphire and garnet in the first two seasons and then tacked on from there.


Just pretend it’s “free” since as others are trying to point out, it kind of still is when you boil it down.


While we are demanding free stuff I demand all season prizes be free. It’s only pixels on a screen so it cant be costing any real money to just give me everything for free. Besides I read it on the internet so it must be true… :wink::yum::joy:

People cant seem to see the forest for the trees. I think the new structure is a positive change that helps everyone overall achieve higher seasonal goals.


Have you ever handed anyone actual cash to buy anything in this game? It’s all just 0’s and 1’s…



If only I could figure out how to get those 0s and 1s converted to real $$$ from the slot game. I’d be richer than Bill Gates. :joy::joy:


Or it never was free - the cost was just hidden in other prizes.

Nothing in this life is free :man_shrugging:


Mythic on the whole has been raised by 3k sigils this season. The potraits are just fillers, they cost sigils now yes, but if there didn’t their cost would just be on another prize. I would prefer being able to maybe choose between a potrait and an item reward, but the rewards in the current season branches have been drastically increased from last seasons. So more gold’s, embers, timers, ect. In my opinion 3k sigils is a fair price raise, if PG was trying to be super greedy they could have and would have raised the overall price of a mythic much more than they did. In previous seasons they raised the price soley on getting the new highest teir evolve stone, this season they increased because of rewards increase and a new higher tier stone. I think it’s a step in the right direction, and myself and a lot of the people I’ve talked to about this are happy with the structure, costs, and rewards from this season. If you don’t feel the same though, I can respect and understand that.


I was wondering the same exact thing. It doesn’t really make a difference to those that complete the lines for the mythic, but I suppose it could help players that are aiming just to get the legendary dragons and are around garnet tier. I don’t know if that’s the reasoning from pg, but I feel it’s the end result of the distribution. If I was a player just going for legendaries and had garnet dragons, I would probably just get the legendaries I wanted to around emerald tier, get a good reward payout but not finish the branch so I could get more resources. But then again maybe I’m completely wrong haha


I would love the option to skip the portraits altogether. For those of us who are only in the mid to upper hundreds and not spending hundreds per month on this game, every sigil counts when trying to even get one branch to garnet before the season ends.

I support the game by having an elite account for my main and my alt, and I do understand there is a lot of effort put into the artwork for the portraits, but because it has absolutely no effect on game play, it would be great to have the option to forego the portraits completely. That way, those who do find value in the portraits can still purchase them, and those who find no value and have no desire to have them can focus their hard-earned sigils on branch items that are relevant to game play.


You can’t pick and choose what you get.
(exception was that halloween headless horseman branch)

Take it all or none.
It’s like saying that you want to skip fire shards.
They will simply hide the cost in other prizes if you force them to be 0 sigils.


Facts. They mean less and less to the uninformed these days.

Stone Last season This season
Gold 5950 5600
Platinum 9750 9450
Sapphire 13900 13650
Garnet 19100 18550
Emerald 21800 21700
Obsidian 24800 24500
Harb 27900 26950

So - what’s more expensive now?

PSA: THIS SEASON IS CHEAPER THAN LAST SEASON Please stop saying otherwise.


No vanguard or emperyeum prices ?


Dude seasonal lines have been reduced in cost by 1000. Last season the emperyean stone cost 31000. This one is 30000. That means that, at the end of the day, this season is cheaper. I don’t know the costs for vanguard but are we seriously going to want the costs for each tier? And if one of them is more expensive then what?

This seems so insanely nit picky when this is overall a straight benefit.


Nah, vanguard stone was 31,000 sigils last season, Empyrean was only available at the end of the mythic lines. So comparing mythic stone costs really doesn’t make sense.