Portraits cost sigils now, really?


Good point well made. I forgot emperyean was a new tier completely. So it’s 1k cheaper for an extra stone.


Not to be an ass, but if you’re mid to upper 100s and can only get one dragon to garnet stone before the season ends, you’re doing something wrong. The game shouldn’t cater to a small percentage of people who underperform. It also shouldn’t cater to the small percentage who overachieve. Somewhere in the middle is ideal, and that’s basically where we’re at. I think.


@mechengg It’s not at all like saying you want to skip fire shards, which are essential for defense progression. That’s a ridiculous and irrelevant comparison. But I think you already knew that. Portraits were free, now they’re not. There isn’t another aspect of this game to which you can apply that attribute.


@ZestyNoob I’m top 10 in all events, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, except not spending beyond elite account. And you’re not being an ass. You actually stated something relevant.


Just curious because garnet stone should only take 5-6 weeks of decent activity and event participation to achieve on a platinum team assuming you have 0 chests and use 0 rubies on golds or super sigils.


Dude just conveniently ignored my post which completely refutes his point - but :man_shrugging:


“Facts. They mean less and less to the uninformed these days.”

I thought the point of the forums was for people seeking information and daring to post input. So why is this snarky type of comment necessary?

These kinds of attitudes are extremely effective in ensuring 90% of the players will never dare to post anything in these forums for fear of being clobbered with sarcasm and exclusion. If that was your goal, goal achieved.


Because you came on here to complain without actually knowing what you’re complaining about.

Opening your mouth is easy - much harder to actually do some research or even think a little.


That would be the main reason, then. I’m on a gold team right now for time management reasons. Or, I could just really suck at it lol.


I wasn’t the OP and I wasn’t complaining. How the h*ll you interpreted my post as complaining is your problem, not mine. I don’t have time or energy for disrespectful people who get off on being adversarial.


This. And my response was very simple - showing you exactly how much “every sigil counts” now in this new season. You spend less now than before to get to the exact same stage. How hard is that to understand?

And in light of this revelation - still think portraits should be zero cost? Because all PG will do is shift that cost elsewhere and you end up in the same place.


Sure. You win. Take the sigils for the portraits and spread them out giving 7 or 10 or 30 to each other prize in the seasonal branch.

You are still going to pay for them.

Top10 in events? Like leaderboard top 10? And have this little common sense?


Good grief not leaderboard top 10. What I was mentioning to another poster was that I’m not sure why I suck at gaining sigils, that I do as much as I can on my team. That’s all.

As for your comment about my having little common sense, that’s probably pretty accurate. I’m a physicist, kinda goes without saying. :joy:


I got what you were saying. I just really don’t respond well to incessant vitriol, and not quite sure why it’s necessary.


Vitriol? :man_shrugging:

Were you uninformed? Yes - fact

Other than that I can’t see anything else that even comes remotely close to vitriol - even that was so far from vitriol it’s on another planet.


I wish I had time to engage in this little perception warp with you, GrumpyPants, but my time here is limited. Please commence to cheering; back up on your perch and fluff.


It’s simple really. If you don’t want the portrait, don’t buy it. It just means you’ll stop your progression that much sooner. Every season there are items in a path some may not want. But you plug through them to get to the rewards you do. This seasons path are actually much better than prior seasons. You get more prizes for even less sigils. So even if you “waste” a few for portraits you won’t use, you’ll still get more “useful” prizes for tour sigils spent.

As a fellow free player, I can only say you might need a better team if you are only hitting garnet on one legendary. You should easily finish one legendary and, quite honestly, probably two. Especially if you do the discount bird. Get on a good team and, if you grind all season, you can get a mythic. It is doable. You and your team just have to do the work.


Not agree.
More stone used to equal to more expensive.
Check current cost.


Snarky… maybe. But using numbers is the right response. The point of the forums is to learn, and learning means failing sometimes, in this case failing is saying something inaccurate. Inaccurate and uninformed statements posted on forums is dangerous, because not everyone fact checks. When you post something in a forum you should be thoughtful about how it impacts the community, and if what you’re saying lines up with the facts.

Thanks Grumpybigbird!


Sorry, I’m offended.
Started last weeks of Summer '17, in Gold team until SummerFlare ends.
F2P, lv 170 atm.
Winter '17, completed Avyx
Spring '18 Emerald Ai and Nollaig (last gold prizes, saving)
Summer '18 Emerald Coatl, completed Axi
Fall '18 Completed Pros, Gold Sylphen
Winter '18 Completed Gunnar, Plat Hildr

tl;dr. Plan your season.