Portraits on season dragons

I think would be a great if portraits were an option to spend earned sigils on. myself and many others could careless if they got the portraits as many of us don’t bother with them it’s just a waste of sigils

If they go back to free portraits the sigils you spend on portraits will just be shifted back to other prizes in the line. You are going to pay for them one way or another. This has been discussed ad-nauseam already.


This thread is a good read and also links to the release notes for spring season:


I think they were meaning being able to buy the portraits out of a line with sigils without actually having to go through the line.

Honestly don’t know where I would stand on this one. I want to say no because having the portrait is similar to saying “I got this dragon.” I can also see people spending sigils just for portraits too, so :tipping_hand_woman:

If they completely remove sigils from the prize line, the entire branch will still cost 30k sigils, for the exact same prizes minus 3 portraits (5 or 6 or 7 now?).

So what would you rather want?

  1. Portraits
  2. No portraits

It will cost you an identical amount of sigils…

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yes its like when you order something at a burger joint say you want to leave something off they don’t charge you less its still the same price


And now I’m hungry

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