Possibility for getting one mythic?

I’m level 84, with 78 gold chests, no bronze chests, and 60k rubies. I’m very active but can’t quite get the 450 sigil prize every time (usually 1 - 4 prizes before that, including those without sigils), and my team gets up to the 300 sigil prize pretty consistently. Based on a similar thread I’m going to guess that I can’t actually get the mythic, but how many sigils can I expect to earn over the course of the season? I already spent about 500 sigils on Haku’s line, but if I can’t get the mythic anyway, I might as well ignore the discount warrior, since he isn’t even that amazing.

The point of the discount warrior isn’t really the dragon. It’s the rss you get along with the drag. Chests, boosts, embers, frags, timers, etc. All of these help you to score better in other events down the line and help you to progress your base and dragons. All of these are half price with the discount.

Edit: Also, just because you aren’t scoring spectacular now doesn’t mean you won’t be scoring better a couple months from now. I don’t know what it takes to get a dragon playing f2p, but you may be able to with your savings. :man_shrugging:


Getting a mythic as f2p or e2p really hinges on finishing the discount dragon before the discount ends, and with your chest supply, it doesn’t seem plausible. A mythic might not be possible, but like Donovan said, getting the discount is still pretty good just in terms of rewards.


Getting a mythic as an E2P player has less to do with individual effort and more to do with the team and league you’re in. Say two different people are putting in the same amount of time and effort, but one is in a Sapphire II team and the other in a Plat IV team; the S2 player could get the mythic, while the P4 player likely won’t.

I got Pathox as E2P (with Atlas Elite as well) in S1/D2, started the season with fewer than 100 gold chests and maybe 30,000 rubies. But there’s no way I would have done so if I’d been in my previous P1 team.


(You’re underestimating us, Doc!)

I don’t think you’ll be able to get it. Finish the discount, finish another line, save for next season, rinse, repeat. It takes planning.

Consensus seems to be to get the discount. To get a sense of my activity, I was able to get Gunnar’s Obsidian stone and both riders without any of their gear last season, where I spent half of the season in a Gold IV team, went inactive for 2.5 weeks (3 events), and then joined a highly active Plat III team with Atlas.

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Save all your chests and rubies for a season or 2 then you can get a mythic without spending. I saved all my chests and rubies last season. I am starting this season with 3k bronze, 200 gold and 78k rubies.

For additional perspective I am a very active lvl 265 on a S3 team. Dont always get the 1200 sigil team prize but do several times in a season. I got the 450 sigil prize on the minor events but only about the 300 sigil mark for pvp since I was saving. I finished full token boost, 1st page of Bjorn while discounted, 1st page of Astrid and harb stone for Gunnar without discount. A little bit of grinding and planning goes a long way.


Should I open any of my gold chests for this pvp, then? Opening golds will help me earn more sigils and rewards, too, but I don’t think it pays back exactly the amount you open. From what I understand, gold and bronze chests make up a relatively small portion of all sigils earnings, compared with event prizes and rubies for super sigil chests.

Gold chests are more about the contents which help you to perform better in events, thus maximizing sigil gain. They’re not the best for immediate sigils but they are for the long-run as you will score higher with the resources from the chests.


Well, still they do help: from 2640 bronze chests I got 3550 sigils - and a truckload of other stuff*, of course. I keep my 307 gold for the PvP next week (unless it’s a feeding event, which I hope not)

*including almost 20k egg tokens.

In my case, where there’s a high chance I won’t make it to the mythic, should I do the same? Open the chests, use the sigils on Haku, or save them for next season?

If you decide that you’d go for the mythic next season, save your chests and rubies. Take the egg token boost, and spend whatever extra sigils you have on the discount dragon: the cheap prizes can help a lot.

2 seasons ago (Autumn) I only claimed the token boost, then kept my sigils and got Prospero at the end. Although I didn’t play for 3 weeks in October at all. I had to open a few chests there, but saved a handful. In winter I did the same (125% token boost) where I opened some gold chests and used some rubies, but kept 50k, and only from my earnings I got Gunnar to Obsidian, S&H CE and Astrid 70%.

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Who’s fluffy tail? :sweat_smile:

Zenko :joy: Isn’t it obvious?


Oh :sweat_smile: I don’t know :man_shrugging:t2: There’s that one dragon with a fluffy tail with that 0 cost freeze spell :joy:

But is he from this season? :crazy_face:

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Is the 125% sigil boost worth getting? As in, does it make enough of a difference in the long term to be worth it?

135% sigil boost? Do you mean token boost. As far as I know there is no such thing as a sigil boost

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My bad, yes I meant the egg token boost

For casual grinder (no ruby grinding, yes due to prizes and slight token boost)

For elite heavy grinder, it worth much more…