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Hi @ all,

I’ve got two questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to take a view into your storage?
    How many items like pearls you got?

  2. Is there a list how many XP you get by building a tower?
    E. g. upgrading a cannon tower from level 30 to 31 will give you xxxx XP - ?

If there is no possibility of the first and/or the second question: Maybe this would be a good idea for an update in the future.

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For 1:
No, not for Items like shards, pearls and evostone, or event eggs shard.
But it show you when click on the perch for instance and the next upgrade needs pearls, how many pearls you have, or use an unbuilt perch.

For 2:
There is this fortificationplanner

Did you mean something like this, else I would say amoebas site used to have that stuff on towers, not sure how up to date the page is.




@UnseatedDonkey: This inventory is - in my opinion - a good idea. Then you got a good overview of all you got.
Especially the evolution stones for the dragons would be great. Others like black pearls, elements for the flaks, ice and fire shards would be very good, too.

@Fairyknight1: I know that every second level the necessary items are displayed. But you don’t know if there are the necessary number in your inventory if the tower hasn’t the “right” level. And this is what I want to know. Because in events you can get these items (I mean, when I’m out of sigils for ending the dragon, I choose a smaller way to get the best out of the rest of my sigils, maybe I can get some fire or ice shards, but only one of them with my actual sigils), but you don’t see your actual number and that means you can’t realy predict what you could do in the next fortification.
The list in your link is good - but I hope that there will be a list in the game, too. Or a display when upgrading the tower, next to the needed lumber/food or whatever you need and the duration of the construction time.

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Currently I click on an empty build slot and scroll over to the fire/ice/Flak towers to check how any resources I have. It’s less than ideal. :frowning:


Double answer sorry


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