Possible AI bases to raid during feeding/fort events?

Hey guys, I am generally still new to the game and I am very new to the forums so I am not sure whether or not this idea has been floated around already, but do you guys have any thoughts on pre-made AI bases that are available during fort/feeding events that people can raid for resources? Rather than raiding other people for the bare minimum over and over and over, have bases available that give decent loot. I have gotten into battles with people just trying to get resources just so I can do decent in these events. If there are any tips or something you have, any and all are appreciated. Let me know what you think.


Fort is easier because people eventually run out of timers or reach the level they were planning on stopping at anyway. The lumber economy usually bounces back by the weekend.

In feeding however, the food economy never bounces back. Because people can always waste their food feeding perch dragons for easy points.

AI bases to raid during feeding would be a big help. Either that or a huge boost to food production. What would also help is the ability to apply food production boosts directly to your farms even when the storage hut is upgrading. When you hit the month long upgrades for storage, it seems awful to waste so many timers just to be able to use those boosts when the rare feeding event comes around. Especially if it happens after a fortification.


The overall production limitation in the economy is also exacerbated by the protection in the production boost actually working for farms but not mills. During fort, the mill protection barely works, if at all, but I’ve burned two food boosts so far and so far, it’s holding pretty steady. I’m sure that there’s some research that’s been helping too, but the last time I actually needed the protection from the mills, it wasn’t there.

I would also agree that a systemic production boost is really needed, especially for such a rare event. The 30% systemic boost is not a boost. The last boost during fort actually made the event somewhat less of a grind.

I’m not sure if this is the solution but something does need to be done about this event. It’s miserable.

This has been brought up several times and I think that PG hasn’t really mentioned their opinions on it as of yet. Personally, I think we need something like this during feeding event since food is gone the entire event basically. During fort at least people run out of timers, during this event, as it doesn’t use consumables to level dragons, people are continually upgrading dragons/feeding perches the entire time. And as someone said earlier, it’s miserable because when you have to save up 1.5mil food for one dragon as you are almost guaranteed to be raided within that time. So here is what I think would work:

  1. Make it so the base gives you the same amount as the top “food/lumber pack” gives at your level so it scales appropriately. So for example, as a level 275 I get 400k as the big food/lumber pack, so my AI base would give me 400k food.

  2. There has to be a cool down. That cool down could be 1-2 hours I think and no one would have a problem with it. But I think if there was no cool down, it would ruin the balance of the economy which is definitely not something that we want to directly effect when doing this. These bases should be in addition to grinding out on your own/your team helping you, not just hitting the AI bases.

  3. Make the bases difficult for the level to make people work for it. And also make it so you can’t have backup against it, kinda like the old black bloods. That way it will make people study the base and figure out how to beat it to get the food and not just an easy xp base. (That doesn’t mean require level 50s to beat a completely maxed out base btw lol)

  4. Allow us to use the food/lumber production boosts even if our storage is being upgraded. I’m stuck this event as I don’t want to waste the speedups on it as it takes 40 days just to be able to use a boost. That would help a lot.

Just my thoughts, if anyone has other opinions on what I said above let me know.


Ya I agree. A cool down would have to implemented. I mean, my thoughts were really just foundational and I hadn’t put too much thought into all the variables. I can just imagine at a high level, trying to save up that kind of food within a short period of time. I already feel it and i’m only level 63. Trying to get 230k food without getting raided in the meantime is brutal. The only time to really do it is at the start of the event when people haven’t logged in yet :joy:

This event is super grindy, and honestly it pretty much sucks. I usually do 300+ attacks this week, though i got lucky and had lotsa food packs this time. I’m done with event at 1.5 mill… that’s 15 million food btw.

People are constantly starting threads about having feeding more often, or making it better somehow, but the that’s just like putting lipstick on a pig.

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I certainly won’t be able to feed all my dragons but it’s not even the weekend yet and I have made it to 1.68m points (just past 450 sigil).

I still have food packs left too. I tend to raid / produce up to my 400k protection, bounce, raid / produce some more then if not enough I subsidize with food packs.

Not exciting but not the worst event and with almost 4 days to go it hasn’t been that tough to score decent points.

How about keep the AI base simple, once every 24 hours during a forti, breeding, or feeding event you get MAX rss. Have the requirement for getting any RSS be, getting 100%. and like others have said make sure it is scaled for the dragon tiers you have attained.

I‘m against making this game even more PvE that it was already made with Invader bases.

This is supposed to be a real time action PvP game and there are plenty of ways to save food for this event via RSS packs, bouncing, teamwork, raiding and banks (if you have Atlas).

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No, AI bases during events is a bad idea. Won’t make anything better.

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It certainly wouldn’t make it worse as long as it was implemented smoothly with minimal to no bugs. I don’t get it…everyone is complaining about not having enough rss for these events but then when a decent way to minimize the suck…people are like “nah it’s still gonna suck so why do it”

Is there a better solution yea, like maybe implement where instead of losing 100k or whatever of food, you lose 50k…while the attacker still gets the 100k. Now I’m not sure what’s easier to code but something is certainly better than nothing.

PvE doesn’t really matter, it never really feels like pvp most of the time anyhow. Only time it feels like pvp is when someone is defending you. AI could take the place of everything on a non defended base and it wouldn’t make much difference to gameplay. Maybe it’s a little different in atlas but I wouldn’t know. Honestly the pvp side of things is more annoying than anything, every base is about the same…strategy against defenders is about the same…if you screw up even a little bit against a defender, you’re dead. Is it satisfying to beat a defender sure, but I’m not so sure it outweighs the annoyance that it really brings to the table. Now I’m not advocating getting rid of it or anything like that, ultimately I think it’s fine the way it is but adding PvE elements doesn’t really take anything away from the PvP environment, especially if that PvE element has a major cool down.

I’m unfamiliar with the term “bouncing”. It’s been used a couple times in this thread. Anyone care to fill me in? Also, I get that the game is suppose to feel like a real time pvp game, yet it rarely does. I closest thing to that are the wars, and the pvp events. When neither of those are going on, people are just chillin’, grinding, and thinking about what dragon they want next breeding event lol. Like I said earlier, my original post was just a thought that popped in my head, I hadn’t Put a lot of thought into how it would be implemented. Still a struggle to actively participate in this event for me being level 63.

No offense, ill stop playing the game if I have to farm rss from AI, Its as good as farmville.


So attacking an undefended base bothers you? It wouldn’t be available except during an RSS event.

  1. i don’t think that it should scale quite this high, but definitely scaling per level should be a thing. Perhaps this ties into the next point…
  2. Cooldown is absolutely necessary i agree. I think it should be tied back to the quantity, to give an overall TOTAL amount that could possibly be raided in a given period. Balance between whether they want people to grind continuously or have larger influxes of food with less effort.
  3. Assault bases i could deal with. Scale the food based on the # of points that you get in that event (aka using a weaker dragon gives more food/rss). This would also be a solo thing which might be cool, but if you want it team based it would be harder to implement (easily)
  4. Agreed, we should be able to apply the boosts through the farms/mills in addition to the storage hut.

1000% agreed, if nothing else is done…fix this lol


Yep… don’t ruin this game by reducing player interaction. You don’t like it? Go find a level running game instead.

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Assuming this is for me.

No it doesnt bother me. But when U say AI, an invader base comes to my mind.
Tbh, Nobody even defends now unless its war. I assume players want to kill bases that atleast give me a challenge, like a real base that was built to kill dragons, not bases to be sneezed by dragons.

Were you around for the assault event? Try considering something like that, where rss could scale based on dragon AP vs base DP so the tougher it is the more rewarding it is.

And those weren’t easy invader style bases, they required skill to get the most points of of them