Possible co leader team rank

If possible how about adding a co leader rank so if a team is co led it’s more fighting then a officer being called a co leader

This reminds me of something Bill Parcelles (an American Pro-Football Head Coach) said when he was asked about having two starting Quarterbacks (the offensive leader of the team). He said " If you have two QBs, you really have none."
That being said, IMHO, a co-leader doesn’t add anything to gameplay or fix Atlas issues, so it will part of the next update.


just switch ranks every couple weeks if it bothers you that much


I’m curious what OP thinks this will actually add. Aside from the title, and a handful of rarely-used abilities, there isn’t really a difference between a leader and an officer.

All the stuff that happens even semi-regularly - accepting applications, kicking players, declaring wars, sending notifications, setting PvP targets, transferring from the bank, paying upkeep, hiring castle guards, building infrastructure, etc. - can be done by an officer or the leader.

I suppose it’d be good for situations in which two players have such great egos that neither will accept a scenario in which they aren’t the leader, or situations in which players will only listen to the person with the title of leader, but those are more personnel issues than problems with the design.


There is a Brazilian say “cachorro com dois donos morre de fome” (or something like that)
Dog with two owners dies starving

Is like the quarterback quote, but darker

There is really only one leader. Someone has to have the final decision or there is really no leader at all.


Personally, I like the idea of having other titles a leader can pick from rather than just “Leader and Officers.” The leader could be called “Leader, President, Dictator, King, Emperor, Tzar, Premier, etc.” Officer could get titles like “VP, Hand of the King, General, etc.” I think it would be fun to give people cool titles.


You know teams have “leadership” that aren’t officers right? Expand your scope of thinking and problems get solved :joy:. Obviously not the game crashing, but personnel problems. Also, if you really absolutely have an issue with 2 egos being that big… Someone needs to learn to be humble or the team will die.

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Instead of co-leader rank could we put a lower than “member” ranking?


  • Pleb
  • Peasant
  • Commoner
  • Almost not on the team
  • Shame shame shame
  • Pokemon Breeder
  • etc

I think it would be fun to move people around a bit in the team :smiley:


FIFY :slight_smile:

  • Chunk
  • Chonk
  • Chornk
  • Chormp
  • Cthulhu

I want the Shame one

Very well.

The shame! :slight_smile:


Take out the perch anchor too!!





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