Possible glitch with upgrading perch’s

Anyone else having issues with not gaining DP after levelling a perch?. I Have done 7 upgrades on my perch and evolved my dragon and there is no change to my defense stats wondering if it’s just me or if there is a glitch in the games mechanics for perch (which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest)

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Upgrading Perch doesn’t increase battle power.

Defense power, it has always increased my defense power stats every time I have upgraded it. Previously

I guess mine has glitched from day 1 my dp has only changed when changing or leveling up gear on my perch rider leveling up my perch only increases my perch dragons dp and ap

It does increase dp until lvl 30 because only at that lvl defender rider gains max stats slowly going up lvl by lvl, after that it doesn’t influence your defense.

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Upgrading your perch doesn’t effect the attack power, just HP

On second thought. What level is your perch?

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