Possible Invader Base Exploit in vanilla game?

Saw this on social media and decided it best to warn players as PG decides what to do accordingly.

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Essentially the player emailed invader base and made it appear in the base game based on footage. As always if its allowed id be happy to take down the warning. It could also be fake footage? im skeptical however, better safe than sorry

I thought that they patched this? You used to be able to, same with the blackbloods and assault bases.

:woman_facepalming: Mailing bases is now an exploit? And if you really did think that this were an exploit, why wouldn’t it be reported in-game or PM vs get views?


to spread the word. I can email support day and night and still people might use it. Plus letting PG see how its done helps them reproduce it.

I saw teams using atlas and watch streams people attacking invader, I also wanted trying a invader base.

Is this now something we can test? Or shouldn’t we try this out.

This does not look right, going to test.

Player comes up banned, false alarm.

@pgEcho So we could access Invader bases without Atlas after all huh?

Wait, we could?

Many moons ago yes. you could also attack the bases on team gauntlets if you knew them, or the assault bases.

They got rid of this a while ago though, so don’t know why the new UI is present in the video.

So the whole “can’t play invader base unless you have Atlas” is false? We COULD, they just CHOOSE to not allow us to have it, us being the “have nots”, that will apparently continue to have not…

you pretty much cant on a fresh install, the atlas files have to be client side, the base also essentially doesnt function like invader, and more like a bookmarked base

aka it doesnt always give max xp per level etc.

It is not as simple as that video makes it appear. As @Gox1201 said, the files have to already be on your client, and they will not be there if you do not have atlas.

I am not sure this is really an exploit. You do not get gold, you do not get more medals than if attacking any other base over and over. You do not get resources.

I am not sure what the concern is.

The concern is one that many people are looking forward to Atlas for, the invader base.

I think it could replace Xp bases, or so I have heard, but then again, I wouldn’t know because, well, I don’t have Atlas.

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Bravo! Your theme has two meanings. You warn me it’s an exploit. But so detailed it painted, now everyone will be able to repeat it :thinking: . Views on the YouTube channel you provided yourself. Close the subject, pls.

The battle experience in atlas is very different. Much more 3D.

I have tried this. It works if you have Atlas. So it’s not really “glitch” that can be exploited for any benefit.

What you see here is NOT what atlas looks like.

Only some who already had atlas on a. Main account could maybe use this trick to maybe run the invader base on a mini.

I’m not saying ignore it, but it’s not a big deal. Imo. Perhaps PG will disagree. That’s all that matters.

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