Possible new event

My team would like to suggest a new idea for a PVP Event. There would undoubtedly be a lot of background programming required So I’m sure it would take some time to put into play, but we would LOVE a CIVIL WAR event! Split the league into 5 groups of 5 and those teams become a SUPER team! They wing each other on attacks and get points for winging and defending other team’s players. BUT They can ONLY primary attack their regular team’s teammates!!! Would be SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!


No thank u. your Idea remind me of Age of Empire. or Empire Earth… why not try this Game instead?

Love that idea! But how about they make it so that there’s 5 wars going on and that in each there’s five teams fighting it out in each of the wars. But like you said, that the league gets split into 5 levels of war:Underground, Aboveground, Middle, Sky and Abyss(Abyss is the highest). In each level there’s 5 teams. That makes it funner and more even. Not to mention that you should get better sigils in the levels, like that you shoudl b able to win sigil chests for free but the rarit of getting the really good one goes up by each level you ascend and goes down by each level you descend.

Just NO…we have enough pvp events. PG needs to fix and make those pvp events fun again.


PG could rerelease the Great Contest and Dragon Games and all those ancient events.


No, those are 1 time events that should not occur again. I would like to see a special one time long-event come around the corner again though.

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They could make a new event. Where you can get points in the event for attacking players in it and that you can trade in points to get prizes like evolution stones and more. But that the points are more like special points that are counted seperately.

Stop right there. No


What? It seemed like a good idea to me. Name 20 things on why it’s a bad idea. If you can’t name 20 then back off. If you can then I’ll think of a different idea.

You get evolution stones from season branches using sigils you get as rewards. Why would they need to be in event prizes? :woman_shrugging:

Universal Evolution stones

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No. No no no. Use the search function to read the multiple threads detailing why this is a bad idea.


And I see you there Nyx, don’t get all rude with me after what happened last time

I don’t know what happened last time but your tone isn’t the nicest either.

I don’t have a tone right now since I’m not physically speaking. Pardon my french

IMO: No new events until they fix the current ones. Mega Coins are a disaster and glitches are abundant, especially after updates.




Okay, you got lucky there. Lucky you had google do the work for you instead of you flipping through a dictionary.

Why are you proposing new events? Very broad…little detail
earn prizes like evolution stones is like bringing back old divines, getting new divines through events (only spenders will be able to achieve the top)
PG has so much to do that is actually necessary. I don’t want to see more boring pvp events.
You are still a beginner player so I won’t destroy the ideas.
20 reasons why it is a bad idea? Seriously…seems like you are too afraid. A few reasons is enough.

Uhh, Fighting Pits, not looking forward to it now. Seems boring