Possible new event


I think these events should be regularly happening events. Except not for sigil. Make the prizes more for helping you attain lineage dragons, ie more tokens. And other harder to acquire items such as rune dust and glyph prizes.

They could run these events along side other non pvp seasonal events or towards the end of any seasonal event. As many events get very long in the tooth towards the end of the week. I know I for one get tired of most events by like Sunday and get bored. That said I still participate and don’t think the events should be shortened (because many need the time to acquire the prizes they need for the season, myself included) but maybe these events could be either thrown in alongside these events (especially non pvp events) or be a mini event towards the end of one of the seasonal events to break up the boring ending of most events and give us something else to do. I would enjoy them if they were weekly but you could adjust it to less for sure.

Particularly Dragon games, I believe. I would like a reason to use all the old tier dragons more often.


20 reasons shows that you are smart enough to find enough flaws in my idea. Also, gtg, bbl. At school, cya!


Fight pits has been revamped based on player feedback…hopefully it isn’t boring as hell like Conquer the World. I actually enjoyed these events back when the bonus meter was a “thing.”


Yes bonus meter made them far more enjoyable, they were actually fun then because you had to constantly fight to keep you meter up and not have it reset.


Looking at a dictionary vs a Google search wouldn’t change the definition but ok. :joy:

Great that you have ideas but understand that not everyone is going to agree that they’re good.


Don’t do it to yourself! :pray: evolution stones will never come back, not rainbow, not universal not anything. I see so many people get teared up for this suggestion.


I mean I would love to be able to get the sapphire egg for NS that i so stupidly decided not to get because I didn’t think I’d still be playing this game past platinum dragons. :sweat_smile::eyes:


I feel the same about borgian. i was devastated when I benched him but now I don’t even notice. Onwards and upwards!!


My team wants an event that we could attack each other! LMAO We are all about talking crap and never get to hit each other. :rofl::rofl::sob: Our TC would be a TON of fun! And Ud get to meet new people also. Just think this event could be a BLAST and a nice change for once. Megas GOTTA GO BTW!!!


Someone also mentioned to me once, a “Dragon Olympics” Event. Where maybe each day is a different round and U get points for PVP one day, breeding the next, PVP next, building next, etc!! Could be tons of fun!


Fairly certain that’s what the Dragon Games were, and it was not well recieved. I wasn’t around for it, though, so I’m not 100% sure :man_shrugging:

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INVALID. All reasons need to be different


Yea I remember one mini event was pretty much every event in one. Don’t remember what they callled.

I know I keep repeating myself but the event I liked and would like to see implemented again is the one where you battle through each tier of dragons like a survival game. Personally I don’t think it should be a season event as IMO it would be a great regular non sigil earning event that could be run alongside other events in whatever fashion is most feasible. Don’t remember what that one was called either :sweat_smile:


If your teammates want to fight each other, there is already a way to do that in the game. Leave your team and attack your now ex-teammates, No need to shove this bad idea on the rest of us. If, after you are done, you can apply to the team and see if they take you back.


Lol as an event that would probably be bad, but it would be a good idea to allow teammates to attack each other to allow them to teach other teammates how to defend and attack bases, also helps with advice on base setup. You could make a mechanism where when the attacker attacks the teammate, the defender has to accept the request. That way you don’t get a bunch of annoying requests from less mature audiences lol. Also these attacks would yield you nothing but learning. No xp, no medals, and also no potion or dragon healing requirements.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Hahhhaahahahhaha

  1. Universal evolution stones will not happen, please use the search function to figure out the answer to that.
  2. There isn’t enough detail togive you 20 reasons why not. How about you give 20 reasons why you think your idea is good in a different thread so the OP can have their thread without your arguments about something different in it.


GOOd idea, Red! I’ll think about it


I think it would be a hard event if you were one of the lower members on your team. Also some teammates might take it personally that you ask them and think you did it out of dislike out something.