Possible new event


Long live the bonus meter! Should we start a new thread just for chanting this?


Great idea


This sounds like an awful idea, unless you can pick the teams you want to work with…but overall it sounds pretty pointless if actually applied


Agree with that. Also, if possible, defender can use its defensive items at will (nothing will be taken from inventory).

Perhaps making it one on one, so that it won’t annoy others.


Notice how easy it is to say: “it’s a bad idea”, and how much more challenging it is to make suggestions improving on it! Brainstorming is contributing positively to a creative idea to improve or refine it. As opposed to trying to make yourself “big” by making someone else or his idea “small”.

It’s a war game and fighting is part of it. Yet perhaps we can leave that part to the dragons and be a COMMUNity here.


Although the grade school pep talk is great and all, people are giving their honest feedback based on experience. If someone were to say…let’s make a car JUST like the DeLorean, most would say…that is probably a “bad idea”. It has nothing to do with “big” or “small”. It has to do with understanding and experience.

Time/energy are not infinite resources so people want to see it focused on ideas/changes that can make tangible differences.


PG is apparently working on a new one.


Hmmmmm…and “grade school pep talk” you also regard as ‘honest feedback’? As opposed to arrogant, snide and condescending. There definitely seems to be a power hierarchy in these forums. Threatening to report multiple rquests and quotes as “spam”. Sentences like ‘the forum has spoken’. Is this “informed majority” truly interested in new ideas, requests from beginners or outside-the-box creative thinking in differing forms? Or more power consolidation? Not just a rhetorical question. There’s a lot of energy and creativity in these forums and maybe just as much bitterness, resignation and pettiness. I hope to see more of the former.


Give something specific then instead of speaking in generalities?

So there is nothing tangible here, just a feeling. Although it cannot be simply dismissed that hardly makes it a fact either.

Such as?

Power being what? What is said here hardly translates to in-game performance, so what would they be consolidating and for what gain?

An opinion is just that, in a lot of ways it is neither inherently positive or negative. You are voicing something you dislike, are you being negative and therefore part of the very problem you are proposing?


I won’t deny I sit at the top of that particular pyramid.


So come over here and talk smack eh? I didn’t threaten, I acted. “Multiple requests”? More like multiple threads, all wanting to change the same event.


I wouldn’t take it as talking smack all the time, but the forums are an extension of the game, you cannot truly separate them. So, people/groups that perform on certain metrics I would trust what they are saying more, that seems pretty sensible. I don’t understand when people get upset that would you want to hear more from someone with greater understanding.

When newer players started and say people do not understand their view. All of us started the game at some point but if I were to say perspective from a team that does well at the higher level of the game. Well they can’t really say that yet, possibly ever, so perspectives are not the same. At least at the time of posting.


Multiple threads, indeed. I posted once, then was politely asked to check out the search function more thoroughly. A good idea! I found a defunct thread with numerous takes on just my points. I re-posted it. No good? Was that wrong of me? Is that really spam, showing the community that I’m not alone in my perspective? If so, please let me know, and I’ll refrain from reposting in the future. In the meantime I’m curious how reading the same point, request or suggestion from multiple users evokes so much aggression from the “congoscenti’.


That’s 3 threads, all about changing breeding. Instead of creating new ones, you probably should have just edited the original one :man_shrugging:


2 threads! The third is my half-baked event suggestion with a breeding modification retraction. (Before I found the defunct thread and thought I was the only idiot who felt that way). So it doesn’t count. In the meantime, I’ve given up…unless, of course some other newbie makes the suggestion anew, in which case I’ll be all over it. Sorry! Still convinced breeding could use some tweeking.


I’m not saying it couldn’t use some tweaking, but I have yet to see anything that makes me go, :thinking:, that’d be nice :+1:


Oh Panda…we be opening a Pandoras box discussing “power” in social structures. Love thinking out loud about it, though. So indulge me: there’s an interesting distinction between ‘formal’ power and ‘informal’ power. PG and their employees have formal power. They can ban you for cheating at the slightest suspicion. They can eliminate a thread they don’t like or ban you from posting if you step out if line. We have informal power; the power to influence, to suggest, to request. In trying to consolidate this informal power there are those here who smack down in disrespectful and condescending ways any ideas which they don’t like. This, IMNSHO, is an abuse of informal power. I’d like to see it reduced to a minimum, so that there is a tolerance for new ideas, even a tolerance for old ideas newly formulated. Somewhat longwinded, I know, as is my wont, but I do feel it’s important.


Here we go again :man_facepalming::tipping_hand_man:


Not sure what any of that has to do with a new event?


I think this comment goes here…