Possible New Feature


I think this would be a very helpful feature that hopefully would be easy to add. Would it be possible to maybe add a recall button that sends your primarch home (probably with a CD, like the hearthstone in WoW). I think sometimes people honestly just get lost and maybe every idk 6h? They could just hit that and start over?


I like this idea especially if it auto maps the route to an availiable route that doesn’t get you stuck at an enemy base. Maybe it could warn that could happen if no routes availiable.


@Panda Were you imagining something more along the lines of an actual hearthstone that teleports your Primarch, or an “avoid all tolls and take me home” function that Psarus suggested? The former idea would need to consider safeguarding against potential exploitive techniques like attacking someone and then peacing-out :v: untouched. Bubble-hearth, anyone?


Haha that brings back memories. I get the potential danger BUT if you attack or land on an island wouldn’t the delay negate your ability to “hearth” back?


I think this would be a great idea. Some of our members got wiped out while we’re doing the migration to a new continent (mostly because they did not move out in a timely manner and got killed at old base)
This would help those a lot when they respawn straight back to where everyone is instead of trying to find the new base, set island as home and summon primach there


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