Possible new primarch type?


This was in beta and kinda sucked.

I think you got the basic premise of his post though - less step by step, more instant actions. Eg click on zone name. Click mine gold —> launches invader
No prime travel needed

Kind of like original invader


That old iteration of mining was passive. Except for the part where you had to stare at the screen waiting for a mine to spawn and then haul ass over there as fast as you can because everyone else in the area is also looking for mines they can be at by themselves so their mining rate doesn’t get cut in half :no_mouth:


Yeah. I meant more passive than that haha


@PGDave Yeah that was clear, but I still think that many Slimers could dramatically devalue game content which was paid for.
I think there were so many good ideas about new primarchs with very interesting stats and abilities. I mean if the slimer would debuff the opponents primarch defense, that would make much more sense than debuffing a players base. That way you would still need the same teamwork and skilled dragon flying to beat his base (fair fight like in the core game), but once you won, your damage to troops and your kill ratio will be much better due to the Slimer debuff.
Then your players would not have the feeling of losing the value of their expensive bases and dragons.

I miss the original invader.
We got to know this game as an instant action game. Open Matchmaking, pick enemy, attack, get medals, RSS, XP, everything you need.
When Invader was like this, it was much better IMO. It doesn’t matter anyway which mine you hit as all your mines have the same gold and XP payout, so why overcomplicate things?


Re original invader – Gold mines exist in their current form so that players who want to get an edge can do so by grinding, if they wish. That grind-to-win aspect is one that we should probably seek to preserve.

The Slimer ability won’t stack endlessly, so you won’t be able to knock someone down to a level 1 base.


I think it is important to preserve grind to win.

As I have stated before I believe the cheap and low spend players rely on exchanging their time for advancing, and the middle tier player relies on the low tier to exist in order to feel like we are all winning. (And that trend goes all the way to the top)

Top players usually prefer to spend money than spend time. I started spending (different game) because I felt my time was too valuable not to spend TBH. But I still wanted to play with my team.

And yes some people will spend time and money and to them I salute them. It still adds more good than bad to the games macroeconomics.

I think a lot of mobile games focus too much on their direct income and lose sight of the foundation of the game. Introducing gambling is one of these things that seems to eventually tears a game apart as free and low spend players can’t afford to save for a failed chance required to compete.

All my opinion of corse. But I believe the key to a healty biome is to balance it from the bottom to the top…


So what could roughly be the max debuff % per maxed Slimer?
And what do you think about my idea to debuff other primarchs defense instead of the other player’s base?


50% perhaps?

Debuffing the other Primarchs defense would probably be OP (and then you wouldn’t necessarily need to fly then … if the primarch buff outweighs the need to fly well and beat the base).


50 percent per slimer? You’re joking right?


Wtf??? So a maxed base would make half the damage and towers would have half hp???

Sorry clearly no go.

20% is my vote


Id go for 5 percent per maxxed slimer up to a maximum of 30.


That would literally need two maxed slimers to get a 100% base debuff and knock someone down to lvl1 :expressionless:
If Primarchs have that power, noone needs the core game anymore, dragons and bases are useless. Get the Slimers, attack with Draco, win.

That‘s why I‘m constantly fighting for more skillful flying and dragon related game content.
Let Primarchs debuff Primarchs and let Dragons burn down Bases. A mix just messes up your whole core game balance.

And if you must do what you want to do so badly, cap it at 3% or 5% max. And even then people will still be able to gather 10 players with Slimers and debuff a big base by 50% so again all big spenders can say goodbye to their investment.


Sorry, that was a misinterpretation. What Dave meant is that the max sum of all slimers debuff should be 50% perhaps. With something around the lines of a 5% or 10% debuff per slimer max.


Nerf bases in this manner sounds like a surefire way to make a lot of the people who build those bases quit. This sounds like one of the worst ideas imaginable. 5 people could essentially make a max base worthless. Come on…


@Panda It won’t be worthless – less powerful than in other parts of the game, but nowhere near 0 … and only if the attacking team is able to coordinate and risk a bunch of slimers and the team of the most powerful player doesn’t respond to the threat quickly enough. It has a lot of counterplay, and seems likely to liven up the world imo.


They can simply do that by camping outside of Neutral Zone and wait for the most of the other team to go offline, then sneak in the use the slime


And I mean, just for balance. Max base costs tens of thousands of dollars. Slimers will cost? I just don’t see that as adding up. Plus if you’re one of the slimers. You basically get to spend hours prepping. Hit “slime” once and you just get to sit there and watch? Right now part of the issues for pace/direction of atlas is that it should support the flying of dragons. But you end up doing so many almost administrative functions you cant actually fly.


I may be way off here, but here is a thought I had:

Dread (and similar) stand to lose more than most potentially. But I’d argue with balance issues the top always has to lose some. (Sometimes by dilution)

That being said, I do feel like there maybe is a mechanic missing to reduce effectiveness of slime when a team is stacked with all high players. To me it seems it should somehow be less effective when you have 10 * 500 players offline and sleeping than when say you have 1 * 500.

I could be way off, but to me this should discourage one man armies and encourage more well rounded teams. (Well rounded teams where the aggregate defense is more important than the individual).

While someone would need to risk a metric butt-ton (technical term) of troops, a properly motivated team of spenders could potentially wipe dread (or similar) overnight if they do in-fact sleep. And I know some games tend to encourage more time in game attributing it to more money, but I think you will find war dragons lured players for having better life-game balance than some competitors, and happy players also generates more money.


For perspective, if the slime is used against a smaller base. What is their potential loss? I don’t see any use for the slimers other than to debuff a single base. Creating mechanics that don’t have universal usage seems like you’re targeting a specific group then. What if they made an offset then? A primarch that increases the amount of troops killed with a bonus based on a multiplier of your base level?

I bet that would be poorly received too. Balance is just that, creating something with one sided advantage is inherently not balanced.


Well, I think before we worry too much about battle mechanics. Trust me, if you solve the peoblem of just the logistics of getting there and the complexity of even starting an attack. It will liven up. Simply getting to where you can attack is a battle of attrition.