Possible way to break the Atlas monopoly and reduce stress


Yes yes, I already know this idea will be mass hated but I still want to throw it out there.

Atlas… it’s basically mandatory at this point to have any hope of competing in the main game, unless you’re spending big. The atlas we have now is not the atlas that was first introduced. It is no longer the days of just diamond and a few sapphire teams hunting each other for sport. Most of platinum now has it, eventually, someday there may be more rollouts for the other platinum+ teams that dont have it. But lets face it, atlas is pretty much owed by the mega-alliances that can do whatever they like and lower league teams have pretty much zero chance of being able to stop them.

For many platinum teams (and maybe some sapphire teams :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:), they just want to exist and use atlas as a way to enhance the main game. Atlas is not a full time job to them. And before someone says it, no, finding a strong alliance is not the answer because then you’re just part of the monopoly and basically a meat shield. Especially this season I have seen many a diamond or upper sapphire team ripping apart smaller platinum teams on lv 2 land and then give those castles to people who’re obviously in their alliance.

My idea is to give teams the option to stay out of the politics of atlas if they so desire. Before a new Atlas season starts, leaders would need to decide if their team will participate in Atlas seasonal pvp or not. If they “opt in” then it works just like normal. No changes, they could go hit castles as they normally would that have also opted in. If they decide to “opt out” of the pvp then all of their castles are bubbled for the season (maybe at a cost of gold for each castle to be bubbled, if they cant pay for all their castles then they cant opt out). The bubble would be a different color than a normal bubble so there was no confusion of if that team was out or had simply been attacked.

This would mean that:

  • Other teams could come to your castle but could not attack it or block it just like during PvP events

  • Your team would be out of the ranking for that atlas season. None of your castles would count for points

  • Your team members could still earn glory in NML for badge chests and seasonal atlas lines but only from NML if they opted out

  • No one on that team could go to another castle that is owned by someone else unless it is part of their 5 team alliance and that team has also opted out.Teams in an alliance that opted in would also be off limits meaning you couldnt come help them or even go there and sit so this would need to be something an alliance talks about

  • members of that team could still go to NML and attack for glory or go to castles in safe zones but that is it.

  • A non bubbled team could give temporary access to their castle to a bubbled team if they add that team to their safe passage list. They could come to that castle but still could not attack it and once they’re removed from safe passage they will have to remove their primarch from that castle before they can do anything else in atlas

  • The names of these teams would not be shown on the castle or in any of their member’s primarch menus to anyone outside of that team or 5 team alliance

  • Possible other option: The opt out would only apply for lv 2 and 3 castles. 4 and 5 castles would still be attackable but only by teams who opted in to the season. So if my team opts out and has lv 3 and lv 4 castles, our lv 3 castles would be bubbled, our lv 4 castles wouldnt be bubbled, except during normal PvP times but we would still be opted out so no ranking points and no going to other people’s lv 4 or 5 castles. We could still defend our lv 4 castles should someone attack them

Im sure there’s other stuff I’ve missed

TLDR: Teams start the season with the option to bubble all their castles and stay out of Atlas PvP attacks other than in NML. No ranking points for their castles, no end of season ranking prizes, no worries about big alliances coming to take those castles to add to their collection and other teams could not see who you were in order to retaliate in the main game. Teams that wanted to participate in the politics of atlas could still do so

Waits for the “go play candy crush” comments.
Yes, this is war dragons. WAR Dragons, not Atlas Dragons, not Diamond League Dragons. The game has leagues for a reason. If PG is going to push atlas as hard as they do and basically make it a requirement then something needs to be done to break up the power hold of the upper teams.



I honestly don’t get it. You want all the benefits from castle, but yet not risk losing it ? :man_shrugging: If you wanted just the benefits from Atlas and not involve in politics, you might as well just not have any of the castles and play it from NZ (They are always bubbled as you want them to be :man_shrugging:).

I don’t see how this will be any helpful, You’re pretty much asking to make the castles you own Neutral zone while still getting all the benefits from it. That’s not how this game is intended to be played and that definitely shouldn’t be any games mechanic for that matter.

And no I am not in a top league nor a plat team with a huge ally leading up to diamond to do our fights. Simply another plat 2 team, we fight for our own castles, and we defend our own castles, most times from other plat teams but sometimes from top sapphire and diamond teams. It’s just the way it is.

Guess what will happen? The plat teams with money will pay a diamond team to get them a few castles towards the end of the season, and then next season they wave their nice white flag. More and more top teams will hunt down every plat 2 and 3 castles available to sell / give away to their allies, so they can bubble and keep them safe. And a season later those who had the money to buy those castles would already be bubbled, those who were fortunate enough to save their castles will also bubble by the next season. So … that’s what you want? every level 2 and 3 bubbled so only the top teams fight in 4 and 5 ? Sorry, but No, I don’t see this being a good idea in any way.



The easiest fix to all this is for every team to have a castle that cannot be conquered. This is your capital castle and it doesn’t count toward the castle cap imposed through conquering. It could be a L1 castle for example.

It can leveled up but not very high. Will provide some benefits but obviously not what a L2+ would provide.

With this castle, teams wouldn’t have to worry about politics if they didn’t want to cause they can’t lose it. They could choose to just keep that one castle with its minuscule benefits or get involved with the politics and reap better benefits.



Or Safezone-castle?



This has been asked for. :man_shrugging: Unfortunately no action yet.



You can basically do all of this by not owning castles. Which is a rather big loss to competitiveness in and of itself, but still miles ahead of not having atlas.

If you want the benefits of a castle, you will never get that. It’s risk vs rewards. You cannot give riskless rewards in true competition.

I do think things are fairly bad now for unaligned teams. And I do think the monopolies should be broken. I don’t see that happening with the current system though. It is possible to survive and even thrive off the radar though.

I think a lot of players have the resounding notion that they would rather compete in combat and not politics. And I just don’t think it’s possible for at least the officers not to play poltics unless you just have no castles.

As it was pointed out there was a concept of a single castle for those who have none, but I don’t know that it will actually happen.



That would be nice to have. Fortunately we can meet the needs of our members without a bank but gonna be hard when more members get bigger. :confused:



I found the fact that we dont have this very odd when my team got atlas. In pretty much every other game I’ve ever played when you start off you start with something to get you started. Since gold is raided in the main game it makes zero sense that new teams dont start off with somewhere that they can use to store gold or spend it. When I first started I literally had so much gold because of the free elite week that I couldnt spend it before it got raided

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Right now there are a fairly restricted number of castles. I wonder what the reverse would do… a significant increase in lvl 2 castles. With more lvl 2 and restrictions on the number higher ranked teams can have, there would be less fear of losing what you have and possibly a lot more activity if teams were given free reign and an abundance of castles to go after. The idea that there would be too many and no need to get more doesn’t ring with me when glory is such a driving force in Atlas. Players could attack for fun because the penalties would be less… lose one, go get another one. With the volume of smaller castles there wouldn’t be the need for bigger teams to help allied lower teams keep their land and potentially the shear volume of attacks by lower ranked teams just couldn’t be kept up with.

I don’t believe Atlas shouldn’t be all work and no fun. Between the politics and the sheer amount of time that Atlas takes, players who want to be more casual shouldn’t be penalized quite to the degree that they currently are and giving teams an abundance of attack opportunities would be a good thing.



I think that teams should have to leave their castles at risk if they want to get the associated bonuses, otherwise, Atlas is pointless.

But my main concern is that i don’t understand how this is supposed to “break the monopoly.” How will this plan alter status quo?



I wonder who these D1 teams are that go into level 2 lands and destroy them… sounds like cowardly D1 teams if you ask me… the shame



Pg sent a sevay out not long ago asking about separate plat. From the rest it must not have been a good response for the separation I would guess



will You be surprised if you knew your alliance members are these “cowards” you just mentioned ? Or perhaps you knew this already. But yeah it does happen and it’s a real shame indeed.



I understand what you’re trying to do, but it would be to complicated and Atlas is compicated enough as is. I’ve given up on trying to estimate potential glory earned in all its configurations.



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Really, lol. Start at the top of D1 and go from there,



Bom, realmente acho uma grande injustiça, o fato de equipes na liga diamante, atacarem equipes platina, para tomar seus :european_castle: e assim entregar em mãos de aliados, cada liga deveria ter a capacidade de correr atrás do seu terreno, poderia ser igual guerras declaradas, atlas com terras divididas em ligas, seria uma melhor opção, contra a injustiça!



I would be surprised…


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