Possible way to improve atlas

I have an idea that I think might improve level of fun and participation in atlas.

First have no cap limit on how many troops u can revive so even if I have 1mil troops its still possible to revive as long as you can find the gold and hats for it.

Second 95%-100% revive rate of troops that were killed.

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Disagree. While i agree the cap limit is still too low, unlimited will raise the advantage more like it allready is.

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What advantage are you referring to?
If everyone were to have unlimited revive you could have alot more killing of troops there for alot more glory and in the end more prizes to be gained that will help everyone grow. Only limitations will be how much gold and bullhorns u acquire to revive all u have lost and from that even pg can earn

What’s the advantage of having an unlimited kill cap beyond people not having to use as many gold packs to keep within it as much? :rofl:

Check yourself the ranking troops own totally for Atlas and you know what i mean. Newer players will fall even more behind…

Its true that new players will have a hard time starting in atlas but that was always the case. When I started I only trained troops for months before I started anything good so can they gathering troops takes time it’s even easier now with elite we didn’t have that back then.

imagine someone like JL if they had some time to kill :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: better hide yo shit


The suggestion: questionable
How would it would improve atlas: …?

we don’t really need to change atlas.

Edit: (sarcasm)

I’m not saying this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard on the forums. But it’s definitely up there.

Added the sarcasm bit to it, to clarify lol

This was exactly what i tryed to say without a name.
Imagine JL or some other have no revive caps.
The idea whats asked for his is just dumb, just saying.

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