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LFT – 144 EvilSoulSeekerPlat 3


Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 1 year
Age Range:
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Tez Calvalaris Gunnar
Highest Lineage Dragon: Scorchil

LFT – 86 FireEmerald713Plat 3 to requestedLeague


Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 1 year
Age Range:
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Tez Cavalaris Gunnar
Highest Lineage Dragon: Lumen

About: We are possibly looking for a team after this event because we are looking for a break from platinum. We are active and experienced players. Atlas is a must, doesn’t matter if there are castles. We are just looking for a more relaxed team, however we will do all of our wars and events. Please message me in game at EvilSoulSeeker.


break from platinum?
I’d suggest you join a plat 3 or 4 team with Atlas. Platinum 3 and below are typically very relaxed. Plat 2 is relatively competitive in events. Plat 1/2 see most wars from my experience. Many S2 + teams don’t even war much , maybe once a week or twice rarely.

Gold1 is ok but anything below that are teams that don’t 250 flame most wars so that is epitome of relaxedness.

I believe you will find a relaxed team in same league you are in if you search properly. Its tough to judge some teams by league they are in many times .


Come check us out. Nothing super strict but still an effective team. @Zikiru will even rub your feet.


Howdy :slight_smile: PeritusDraconi is a P4 team with a couple of open spots is you are interested in taking a look.If you are interested you can drop me a message here or in game xXxEvaBluexXx


How about gold 1 with atlas?

It’s SLIGHTLY more laid back than atlas. Very few 300’s down here…so wars and events are a little more evenly stacked.

Plus we have a fun team…they compensate for my lack of personality


Yeah it’s odd tbh. :joy: most ppl would think sapphire would war more then plat but that’s not the case.


I don’t find wars worth anymore as well.
Defend all day for such small token gain which pales in comparison to how much atlas gives us


No point in warring often unless u want to move up a league. We only war if we are declared on. That’s about it. We can stay in league by event rankings, really no incentive to war anymore although I really do love them . One of my favorite parts of the game.


What gold 1 subdivision are you in with few lvl 300s? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi I’m from LoneFamily, we were gold 1 but now gold 2 because we had a lot of members go to a platinum 2 team that we semi merged with. We have atlas but we are looking to fill our family with strong active players. We like to have fun and as long as you do wars or if you need to miss you let me or other officer know then there will be no issues. We are wanting to move back up to platinum like we once were but on our own terms and with the right people who won’t suck the fun out of the game for us. We play for fun and that gets forgotten…msg me in game: BitByTheReaper


I have found a team. Thank you for all the invites and support! :hugs:@moderators


Thank you