Possibly LFT - Sapphire 3-2

LFT - Sapphire League

LFT – 300+ , This is an alt


Language: English
Time Zone: CDT
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: 20+
Elite Account?: Yes, but won’t spend on anything more than that.
Dragon Roster Includes: Namaka, Ronin, Pathox, Hauheset, Noctua
Highest Lineage Dragon: Estril


Staying anonymous cause I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to move on yet. Just putting out some feelers to see what’s out there. Over level 300, below level 330, breeding harbingers and at obsidian tier divines. I’m active in atlas (not a crazy grinder but I do usually get 2-3 lines), very active in main game.

I’m looking for a team that’s chatty and active, performs in the top 3 in events, gets the 1.2k sigils in PVPs as well as minors, and gets the level 10 chest. I do enough to get all of these things myself so I want a team who can do the same. I’m decent with set-ups (Hau and Noc) and also consider myself an above-average flyer with my divines. Have some pretty good gear on dragons and base. I’m at the point of getting a mythic every season.

Don’t care what side of the atlas alliances you’re on. Would like a team with one of every element castle. If you have any questions, pm me.

your ign is amazing, thank you for choosing it



Why are you looking to move on from your current team?

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Just looking for a different pace and a more competitive environment.

Check out SnapDragonz. 9/10 times hit all 8 team achievments. Level 10 quest chest every time since the changes to quest. Very chatty. Active in atlas. Castles with every element. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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