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Looking for Team (Applying)
Time Zone:eastern
Played time:all different, several times a day
Age Range: 30ish
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:chimerak, leos, green level
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About: okay I was part of a guild that recently broke up my husband and I joined this new team and were not sure it’s a good fit. I’m really starting to get pissed bc we keep loosing wars. I know that happens but it’s do to lack of participation. My husband and I always do our war hits with 5 flames. He is level 50 and I am 66 he just started after me. We both rank high in events and are very active. Looking for a team that wants to move up.


Hey im shockwave leader of sonicXxflame.
I am always looking for active players. We have wars daily. We are in gold 2 looking foward to take this team to platinum. I started the team the day after christmas so we have came along way in a short time.

check out asthmaticdrgon , team is 2 weeks old and moving up quick

Mastersrefuge, Gold I is lookong for some solid players for war to move up to Plat with.

Hey, plat 4/3 team and we need to replace some ppl that don’t do their runs bcz we DONT like losing wars (who does) we prefer a good strong 50/60/70 level over a flaky 200 level ANY day…
Hmu in game or look over team to see if its.good… we are 20s to 40s aged… and weird…
Team - skies0fFire


Hi we are a level 1 gold team and you would just what we need
We have a couple of spots open if you’d interested

Please consider applying to our team… LastProphecy.

We are Plat3 and growing stronger. Your regular, reliable participation and positive attitude is more important than your current player level. We are a friendly/competitive team with deep roots into the game.

If that sounds promising to you, please apply ASAP and we can chat further. We are currently full, but will be making adjustments immediately after the current Fortification event. Thanks!

DragonsLairCP Would love to have you as well. Team since 2016. Tightly bonded family

I have room on my team. We have players in UK and Germany, plus Australia, Asia, and US. Several couples and assorted family tribes. Come check it out. Cheers!

DracarysTRE, TheRedEclipse :fire:

SoloHunter is my very old, September 2015, team and y’all are free to join the family like group I’ve built and building. We are very laid back and enjoy the game. If y’all try us and move on no hard feelings. We are moving up to gold 2 right now and with participation moving higher as we all grow as a team.

It really is a great team!

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I am Sure you got lots of request. My husband and I went through the same thing. Happened to us twice. Then found some old teammates, that said F it. Let’s start our own. I know That the officers are in the 30 ish range. If you want look at XxTurbulancexX. Oh yeah new to this officer stuff. My IN is Grimairous. Hope to see you and your husband.

We are a new team and I can tell you now we are not the greatest but we are one week in and heading to gold 5. Activity is not our strongest suit at this very second but we are weeding out those pests. We have a couple more from our team coming from plat and sapphire soon to help us along. If interested check out SavageLords.

Dracoknights in Plat III can have 2 spaces made for you and your husband.

You still looking for a team?
I have an amazing team with great people! No drama everyone is nice & gets along :+1:
We actually have a few couples on the team.
We are a Plat 3 team but moving up next change over.

Search KittyNSausage message me Twitchx :grin:

I didn’t make the name btw :joy:

TKOdragons is looking for new members. We are gold 4. come check us out!

Hey all we have found a new team and will be going soon. Thank you all so much for the invites I will keep everyone in mind. Trying to find our “home”.


Hey how’s it going if you haven’t chosen a new team yet we would love to have you on our team! Team name is Gloryheist we will be in plat 4 this week and will keep rising. We are a family we do have other couples on our team. If you are interested go ahead and message the leader Sarah or officer Wobbles and we can get you in! Hope to hear from ya!

Turntoashes is a good team the looking atm message brant the leader

The Seekers, in platinum 4, are looking & willing to take on your active friends.