Possibly make a new rider

Heyyy pg,
Me and some friends I met in game was wondering if you could make a fairy rider for kirin lol I think it would go good on the perched dragon how about it!


So you want Kayla again?

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She’s not pink n glittery


It would be great if the rider had a wand that moved about with a “casting” a spell look to it.


And it could say “abracadabra” every time a spell on the dragon is cast.

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Good idea! They should totally do that! Right after they fix everything else that’s not working as intended, and catch up with the back log of players who lost things due to rollbacks, etc.

Put it on the list.

I would like a disgusting rider . :smiling_imp: like an ogre or undead or something.

I’d like to see an elf rider :slightly_smiling_face:

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