Post battle screen

After the battle we can see the prizes we got but we can’t see the name of the player/team we attacked. Not always we are able to bookmark them. A lot of times the button is not there. Maybe we want more resources. Maybe we lost and we want to try again

You can actually bookmark them BEFORE you attack them, it’s more convenient that way

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Thanks, but bookmarking before will demand me to unbookmark after if the prizes are not good for that player. Adding the name and the team will make a lot easier to find them again

Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly: You want a post battle screen that shows the player’s name and team when you can just bookmark them beforehand?

Yes. I just bookmark a player after I see the prizes. Why should I bookmark before?

Because it’s essentially the same thing? No point in adding a post battle screen when you can just bookmark them.

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I only bookmark players that give me gold and I don’t have this information before

You only bookmark players that give you gold but you don’t have that information before?


This isn’t that hard to understand. Since gold isn’t shown to potential attackers, you only know they have gold at the end of the attack.

In this person’s case, bookmarking every player prior to an attack and then having to remove the bookmark afterwards if it’s useless is nonsense extra work.

Of course, I’m sure WD, being the best and most fantastically designed game ever in the history of games is getting it right with no post-battle screen, and all the other games that have them are getting it wrong. PG is very knowledgable about what constitutes the very best player-friendly features, after all. This is why their post-battle bookmark option is so very reliable, because they’re the best …:no_mouth:


It’s super weird not to know the player and team you attacked. Even the pvp post-battle screens show that info. The xp gain being hidden by the train now button is also lame.

Of course if they would fix the bookmark/attack again button that would help a bit. Also let us have more than 30 bookmarks because it is 2020.


I agree … only SOMETIMES do I get that little arrow in the upper left hand to attack again or bookmark appears. it should just be there all the time. it’s already programmed into the game, it just needs to be switched to ON 100% of the time.

this is a fair request and often times annoying if it doesn’t appear.

ESPECIALLY with the gold (as mentioned by @MoonIsDead)

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